So we all know that kabam ruined realm with op pets. But what if Nillys Realm brought back pets, but with a different use?

    I'm not talking about just aesthetics, or a new ability. I'm talking about something that is convenient to players, without disrupting the game

    Here are a few ideas:
    Closet Pet: brigs you to chat select screen to pick a different character or skin (amount of $ for donor rank *500 fame. Kinda like donor but without IRL money. It's only times 500 because you still wait in the queue initially, and when you die.)
    Portal pet: allows you to make a quick stop at your vault or market without actually leaving the area (you can leave after realm closed and come back before you go to oryx .) This would require a time limit. (Maybe like 7K fame)
    Sorting pet: you can modify settings to sort things in your inv or vault in various ways. Can also tell you the difference between to items. (Ex: item 1 has 1 shot and 100 damage , item 2 has 2 shots with 60 damage each. If you equip item one, you can use the pet to calculate quickly that item 2 has -40 damage and +1 shot.)(4K fame)

    Two more slightly op ideas:
    Pot pet: feed unlimited number of hp/MP pots to it, and it will gradually use them to heal you when the bar is not full. This means in wastes them often so you need to do a lot of work to grab enough potions to make a difference(especially for HP pots)(8K fame)
    Ammy pet: give it an ammy to revive you so you can wear a ring, and also get revived.(25.75K fame. Costs half an ammy+ubhp)
    Okay, prices are awful I know. But please give feedback based off of the concept

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    Pets were removed for a reason.

    Im pretty sure someone told us why pets are going to never be added again on another thread.

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    @Hephaestus 0_1466691069438_asc.jpg

    I've played core when i was in queue.
    And you can be sure, that pets will ruin OA.
    Without boshy, we were on wave 50..

  • pets were removed due to lagg (thats what i heard) and overall just no... lol with those buffs their drop rate should be 1/20k.
    closet pet- devalues donating and adds kinda p2w feeling for new players (you can simply buy fame)
    portal pet- does what? removes /vault /marketplace and /tell youdidgood price "" ?
    sorting pet- i have nothing to say... pots pet tho i kinda like idea. lsat one just no...

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