Needs more Scepter. (here is my attempt)

  • Alright, we all can see a lack of custom scepters...
    I'm a returning player, and in the time I was gone (over a year) none was added.
    kinda sad considering I love playing this guy, and I do see quite a few others who enjoy it as well
    I have thought hard to try and come up with one, this is what I got...

    just WIP, had a few ideas but couldn't work it over exactly... been a while...

    This is not the official item idea I just want some feedback before I decide what to pull through with.

    Bolt of Aur
    alt text
    Description: He angered Zeus, cursed to endlessly undergo siege of thunder and lighting, that is, until he caught a bolt in his hand and cast it back at the gods.

    ** Stats **
    (Currently undecided, sorry... will elaborate on it once I decide what sounds good.)

    I was thinking 2 possible ways to handle the shot fired

    Option 1: Fires a single shot that for 180 damage or so flies straight, piercing and then cursing enemies for 3.5 seconds, this would however almost fashion it to be like a quiver, I'm picturing the shot as an fast traveling invisible one that leaves behind pink particle trail, as this would simulate the way lightning cast from a scepter flies forward.

    I would also place the mana per use at about 105-110, seems respectable, less damage but it DOES curse with no stasis after all.

    (the damage should stay fixed like normal scepters if possible.)

    How is it unique?
    well for one thing it would certainly be unique among scepters, as it would be the only one to NOT home in on targets, AND also curse, which will help the group collect more DPS should no mystic be present, this also provides an alternative to the ONLY other UT scepter, and a bit more mix in the sorc's item variety, which is much needed...

    this will let sorc be a bit more supportive to other players, for the sacrifice of a guaranteed hit, which is not much of a trade-off if you want to curse enemies, and have the lighting no longer stray away from your main target due to minions.

    Option 2: More traditional lightning, say.... 160 damage to 3-4 targets, and applies curse for 3.5 seconds to targets. this would likely be a lot easier to make, I'm sure, as it doesn't deviate too far from the traditional scepter.

    I would place the mana usage at about 100-110 for this one aswell.

    How is it unique?
    Well, less so than option one... but it still has the curse, which will help the group collect more DPS should no mystic be present, allowing the sorc to be more supportive of groups,

    it trades off the amounts it can hit, and a tad of damage, and higher cost as to balance out the curse.

    Tell me what you think, I for one am partial to "Option 1" for the sake of how unique that would be...

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    You're back huh?

  • I actually came back a few days ago, but old forum account seems to be lost, still had this one though, haha... pretty good to be back, NR seems to be doing well for the most part... has a queue, and still no new scepters though. D:

    queue is not the worst... I can handle it. :P

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    Usually I have recomendations for names and descriptions, but I think you nailed them spot on this time.
    I like the idea of the scepter. I can definately see it being used.
    I strangely feel like Limon would drop this, but I don't know why I think that.
    Also here is the 8x8 sprite so you don't have to get it yourself.

    • .
    • .

  • why thank you for that 8x8, and your gracious compliments... I myself am not 100% on what should drop it, Limone has a few whites already, albeit low value ones, I was trying to think of one who has been neglected that would make enough sense to drop something like this, but again, been a while since I hung around.

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