Belladonna Dropping Vit: The Sequel

  • I don't care

    before you say anything, I was given permission by staff to bring up this topic again

    Now, I believe belladonna should be able to drop vit. You can solo a belladonna and get 0. And when you do get loot...Well it's just a crappy tier 9 reskin. Why not have a potion drop from it? That way since anyone that does try to solo belladonnas they will get at least some reward instead of just wasting their time.

    Some people suggest other potions like Speed, but Spd att and def are already found in godlands, so they shouldn't have more places dropping them. Life and Mana are too rare of a pot for a dungeon like bella dropping them, and dex and wis have common dungeons that you can get those pots from. While vit does drop from abyss and epic maze, those are some of the least played dungeons in the game to me. Plants are living, and vitality = living. It just fits the best.

    0_1466743714051_upload-ab4b56f9-b0b4-42d5-bf7a-04d49fcf3fe7 Guaranteed to 1 person, 0.01 for everyone else

    Also, this might mess up the price of vit, so raising the price of Belladonna keys or Lowering the drop rate of ent dropping bella portal would be a good idea.

    I hope you guys agree with me, and discuss below what you think about it. Thanks! :3

    TLDR: Bella should drop vit

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    @Charizard agreed. simple as is.

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    Why vit? When you could do Abysses for vit and def. Why not mana? or something better.

  • @BreadStick
    You clearly have not played NR too much.

  • I don't care

    @BreadStick Did you even read the post before asking questions?

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    Oh wait. Whoops, Sorry i'm really tired. Lazy to read today.

  • @Charizard said in Belladonna Dropping Vit: The Sequel:

    @BreadStick Did you even read the post before asking questions?

    maybe he just read the TL;DR :grin:
    overall, i think this is a great idea. im not too keen on the thought of lowering the chance of bella being opened when an ent dies, but everything else seems cool :thumbsup:

  • @BreadStick abysses really pound my ass everytime i run one. i think ive only ran 3 since i started playing NR about a month ago :\

  • I 100% Agree. Vit is always one of my last stats to max. Because its harder to get compared to the rest of the stat potions. Also belladonna only drops shitty purple bags and whites which is rare as shit. Dropping a potion would be a good alternative. We really dont care about the reskins, we care about the damage and DPS and how much soulbound dmg it can do.

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    I still rem my pics from the old topic.
    +1 idea. more vit pls

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    If you do events alot vit and dex arent really that hard to gather up. I like the idea tho, alot of people doing bella at once and almost everyone in the dungeon always gets pbag only specially in bella marathons
    +1 wooo

  • +1 indeed. At least Bella is a little easier than the normal events like Skull Shrine or Cube God that drops vit quite often for a non maxed character. Its a good starting point, i guess u can say.

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    +1 boi

    Abysses and epics are almost never run.

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    Epic Spider Den is still popular tho
    only because of Bent Daggers and Dokus :)

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    @Moeyama Yeah. But only purely for those reasons.

  • I think this should be added. Abby's are annoying (and hard) to do, which is the best source of them (probs)

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    it was a meme for a while but tbh should be added

    +1 good job fag

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