Nilly's loading error

  • Everytime I get into a queue it keeps on saying "error loading.Retrying.." then puts me back into the queue and does it again. Pls fix

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    1. This is always happening to me. If you're in a bad computer i'd say just only open NR. Don't open twitter or something like that.

    2. It might be because of you're PC, Get a better one.

    3. Sometimes, When you're doing something else. It just does error loading. I'd say guard the queue.

    That's All Thank You

  • yea its probly cuz either your internet is shit or your PC is clogged up with garbage and runs like a quadriplegic in quicksand.

  • @BreadStick Nope, still doesn't work. My computer is fine lol,how can one not be good enough to play this game?

  • @HarryLondsdale idk my laptop is pretty damn bad, i think the SSD is practically melted. but i can get into the game for the most part, but i dc alot for some reason. on my desktop its fine though, and if there is a problem, its usually on the server side of things. hopefully you figure out whatever it is thats not letting you play, sounds like a real bummer :(

  • Same problem for me. But my computer is a good one. And it was working perfectly fine for me just now, when it suddenly Dced me and i couldnt connect since then like 2 hours ago. I was in an OA doing shit, i lagged and dced. Now i cant log back in. It puts me in a queue, then, says that there's an error and will retry and put me all the way back of the queue. I even tried restarting my computer but to no avail. :( Its rlly annoying.

  • And it happened again. 3/17 queue position, queue error, got sent to 19/19. Great. I cant play AT ALL

  • Probably something up with the server.Just gotta have patience I guess

  • Idk why, it was working well for me like 2 hours ago. Now i cant. i even promised my friend i would go eventing with him, he'll think im lying. ;-; Like, it doesnt make sense at all. I even guarded the page without anything else running, Its still same error. But i asked around, people said its working for them and they're playing the game. I dont get it one bit !

  • OMG I FINALLY LOGGED IN, Guess what? kicked me back out to home page. Great. phernominal. I saw my items, the nexus and my archer. 2 seconds after that, the game is like Suprise MothaFucka and kicks me out.

  • I can get into the game for one second then it dc'd...

  • I still cant get in the game cuz of the error

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    It's the server guys, or maybe your computer is bad (like me ;()

  • I give up, i'll just accept that i cant play and give up, Its been 4hours of wait. i give up

  • idk man, maybe try updating flashplayer or some shit? just tossing the idea out there, idk if it will help tbh

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