How to donate?

  • I see the post that says that it will be automated, but then again that was 9 months ago. Is it back up yet?

  • No. Nilly has been working on it off and on. Sorry, but you'll have to wait.

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    @LoLKing89 I see that you have joined the forums 7 minutes ago prob read on topics that are already discussed alot in one of the categories of the forums the titles donations

  • I have been on the forums before, it was a while ago. But i didnt have an account registered to my email that i think that i used, so i just made a new one and asked the question. :)

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    @LoLKing89 so i see youre just a lazy fuck that dont want to bother much with the forums and just use it without considering the utter bullshit fact that this topic has been cited and scolded on by many for the past few weeks/months now and you again knowing this just brought it up coz youre lazy af? Nope the donation system has finished already a few weeks ago and nilly has not confirmed when it will be back up again or if it will ever be back up again so just wait till somethin happens babe ;)

  • @BoomNeo Its just because i haven't checked on the forums for a while, and was just asking to see if it would be open yet.

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    @LolKing89 just check more and you might see more than what you expect :bikini:
    or you might just find cancer cause its everywhre :biohazard: :cancer: :imp:

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