The Esben Ninja Set

  • Name: Esben Katana
    Description:"I cut through you with icy frost, Killing you, Is what I want the most."
    -Shots 2
    -Damage 35-150
    Rate of Fire:125%
    -Projectile Speed 125
    -Lifetime 380
    -Range 4.75
    -Amplitude 0.5
    -Frequency 0
    Stat Bonuses: N/A
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Sprite:0_1466812203240_Esben Katana.jpg
    0_1466812264559_Esben Katana Shot.png
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This katana is like a Doku No Ken, and its damage is better than it up to 45 Defence.
    This item is unique because it will be the seconds ninja set that is custom.

    Name: The Cold Star
    Description:"As cold as ice, this star is wise."
    Stats:While Key held:Armored on self, no speedy MP Cost: 30 MP/sec
    -Damage350-650 (500)
    -MP Cost:70
    -Projectile Speed 12
    -Range 15
    Stat Bonuses: N/A
    Effect: Enemy Is Slowed
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    0_1466812887414_The Cold Star.jpg
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This Item is unique because it will be the only star that slows enemies upon hit, and it armors the character

    14 Def
    25 HP
    50 MP
    3 Spd
    Fame Bonus:4%
    0_1466812995010_Armor of frost.jpg

    Name:The Ice Crystal
    Description:"This Crystal of Ice is Quite Rare, Thus Only Top Teir People Can Own Them."
    7 Def
    50 HP
    25 MP
    5 Spd
    0_1466813203403_Esben Ring.jpg

    This item's Balanced yet viable stat distribution makes it great for a class like the ninja.

    This item was made by xxFirexx and the Katana's shot was designed by Their friend.

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    You tried to make the katana rhyme, but
    and most
    dont rhyme.
    overal medicore set, +.3

  • @TurtleBat I didnt try to rhyme

  • @TurtleBat There, changed it

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    Descriptions are bit lacking. You cannot have 'top-teir people', because the weapons in the game are teired and not the people playing them. As has already been said, the descriptions for the sword and ring are quite bad, and you seem to be lacking a name+desc for the armor.
    The armor itself is just a slightly shittier vestment of the hidden (extra 2 def and 3 spd for the vestment's extra 4 att and 5 vit) , and the green dots do not seem to fit in with the overall sprite.

    Also, Just A Question, Why Do You Write Everything Like This?
    It shows a distinct lack of education.


    Name of set is too plain, as well as the name of the katana. There is already a shuriken named ice star, so cold star might need to be changed

  • Donor

    I like the idea - just improve the names maybe +1

  • star sprite needs more shading a little op but i think 35 might be a better cost per sec

  • Detective

    Katana name: Katana of the Frostbitten soul
    Desc: i was so close... Only to have my whole body shatter and my katana to be consuming my own icy and cold soul...
    Star name: Star of icicle's edge

    Desc: this star was found in the depths of the ice cave one touch can turn you into ice.

    Armor name: vestment of dry ice.
    Desc: while it is made of ice this armor is very durable and can only be found in the great yeti caves.

    Ring name: shard of a ice shattered dream.
    Desc: this icicle is one of a kind and can be found in the tall ceilings of the ice cave.

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