Admins plz answer this

  • hey admins after 30 minutes of being in the queue i get on right? that is normal. but right after i get on or after like 5 minutes of being on i immediately get kicked. one time when i was holding my t13 wand to move to a different slot in the inv i got kicked and lost the wand. i was still holding it with my cursor when i got kicked. this is EXTREMELY frustrating as sometimes i dont have a chance to do anything and sometimes i am playing in glands but then i get kicked. i think that i get kicked for someone in a donor rank to get on. if this is true i do not believe that this is fair. If this is true instead of kicking someone that just gets on for someone with donnor to get on, donors should just get put at the beggining of the queue. this is FAR less frustrating then getting kicked after waiting as u will only have to wait for an extra 10 seconds this time. plz say if this has happened to you as well or it is only for me.

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    Connecting donors do not force kick non-donors.

  • then why do i get automaticly disconnected for no reason? there was no signs of laag either? do you knnow any one else who has this problem? or anything like it?

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    @poopyneey some other NON- Donor could have taken your spot? But i dont know about that. i dont know, could just be server, or your computer/laptop.

  • by saying some other non donor took my spot then how will that work?
    would both of us just get on at the same time or maybe just 1 person left and the server took 2 people and i was on the short end of the stick so i got kicked

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    It's a glitch. That's all there is too it. No refunds, no rollbacks.

  • im on spot 11 currently hopefully i dont get auto kicked
    :(( i will try going into the realm immediatley so i wont get kicked

  • spot 3 :O

  • ill stop shitposting if that is what it is


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    @poopyneey Jeez. It's a pretty rare glitch as is.

    You really need to my name.

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    Disconnecting randomly happens all of the time to me too, and I'm a donator.
    I think its a glitch with the computer, possibly a lag spike / loss of internet connection for a few seconds, or it could be the computer overheating (my laptop's so shite it overheats playing nillys :'()

  • same XD i take brake for hour bcs it kicks me then doesnt load quue so i cant get on

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