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  • Hey,

    I had this idea for a built-in AHK in Nilly's Realm, since some people don't know how to install AHK or just don't want to mess with it, why not make a built-in one?
    People with no donator might accidentally press their nexus hotkey and then they have to wait, why not make it that when they press their nexus hotkey, instead of connecting to nexus, it automatically writes /nexus on the chat?

    Thanks for reading / reviewing.

  • It will take longer to get into the game thats for sure. Queue already goes to 200-300 on busy days and there is already one in the downloads section and alot of players use one so no need to implement it.

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    Nobody would be able to get in. The queue is already massive. The /nexus system is what drains the queue the most.

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    @GrimHunt the nexus key disconnect You for a reason. Its because if you're in a serious pinch, You have less chance of dieing.

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    No offence, but its an absolutely stupid idea.
    Roughly one person dies per 1-2 minutes in Nilly's realm (except from in OA's).
    This means that if you decide to play, and see a queue of 200 people (quite a reasonable amount), then you will be waiting at least 3 hours to get in (not so reasonable).
    The only reason that the queue moves as quickly as it does is because of nexus hotkeys.

    Also, a side note, the donators that spent money to contribute to the game get the lack of a queue as a reward. If you were to make the lack of a queue for everyone that played, there would be no reason for people to have donated, and therefore would lower the amount of people willing to donate if Nilly ever opened up the system as it would reap no rewards, therefore meaning that Nilly may lack the funds needed to make the whole experience better.

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    I think the nexus button was reworked on purpose to boot people out to keep a regular flow of players coming in.

    AHK Is simply a work around for those who are clever.

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