Double Bladed Katana

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    Item Name: Double Bladed Katana
    Description: Do not worry about what is in front, but what is around you.
    Sprite: 0_1466895606352_double Bladed.PNG
    Tier: UT
    Drops from: Night elf Warrior at a rate of: 0.0001 (1/10000)
    Feed power:
    Provided Stats:
    +5 Spd
    +3 Def
    75% Fire Rate
    Shots: 2
    Shot Speed: 130
    Life Time: 400
    Overall Range: 5.2
    Arc Gap: 180
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 0
    Damage: 150 - 215 (182.5)
    Bullet Size: 90
    (Shots hit multiple targets.)
    XML: <Object type="0xcdc" id="Double bladed Katana">
    <Description>Do not worry about what is in front, but what is around you.</Description>
    <ObjectId>White Bolt</ObjectId>
    <DisplayId>Double Bladed Katana</DisplayId>

    Projectile: 0_1466895675722_classicwhitebolt.PNG
    Bullet Path: 0_1466895699312_Shotpattern.PNG
    Things to note:
    The shots come from the sides of your character, not from in-front and behind, but from left and right. this can be controlled to focus it on behind and infront, but is hard to.
    Why do i think this is balanced?
    I think this is balanced because it has a higher damage of the doku, but it is hard to control as it doesn't shoot like a normal katana and a slower fire rate.

  • The Love shack

    Its not that hard to aim... Its just a sort of inverted aiming...
    Aside from that, 1+

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    this is kinda broken at the same time just something useful lol up to the item gods for this one

  • Banned

    How many times do I need to tell you? Follow the format please

  • Detective

    This katana is very broken i suggest you scrap it

  • I want to die

    -oryx ninjas dont spawn (oryx 1 isnt accessible)
    -gimmick is original, but it isn't greatly executed
    -you dont need the extra stat bonuses anyway, they are unrelated to the item itself

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    Do not take any of this personally. Everything I state is for the improvement of your idea.
    The name and desc could use some work. They're both uninspired.

    Double Bladed Katana?
    Doesn't look like a katana. Blade is too short. Handle is kinda dumb. Could use more original colors.
    Hell, those blades are so short it probs couldn't even be a dagger.

    Like yellow said, Oryx Ninjas don't spawn.
    What is the def and spd for?
    I don't think I'd use this katana. Like the idea kind of.
    Would be nice if you provided a DPS chart for comparison.

    Just needs some more work.

    I'd advise to do more research and provide more reasons to your actions.

  • Super Famous Forumers

    This is bloody lame.
    The sprite is boring as shit plus doesn't look like a katana.
    " Black ninjas that spawn from weird shrek orc looking thing" nice description, would it hurt for you to look up how they're called or what they're spawned by?

    While the whole "hard to aim" thing is quite unique, as we have the invisidagger which has an invisible projectile, therefore making it harder to aim, it does not have a lot of use.

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    Can you send us the picture of that "shrek"?

  • Really Good Players


  • @Faux shit your unbanned

  • Wiki Editor

    Erm... I'm thinking this guy's talking about the Slug Warriors that the Swamp Spirit spawns? Those aren't ninjas...

    And if he's talking about those, they are REALLY easy to farm and since they're continuously farmed... this makes this item easy to obtain.

    So... a doku ranged, ansatsuken damage-like katana, shooting two ways from the ass and dick.... how about no?

    Sorry lad but :-1: In need of working on.

  • This is not a good idea. 1/100 is WAY too common for how op this is. Just imagine ninjas sitting on test chests. They would get ALL the loot. Description is very bland. And the sprite is just... No. If you REALLY want this implemented into the game, then i suggest trying to make the sprite better, making it rarer as 1/100 is too common, and then everyone would be rich. I also recommend giving it negative stats (example, -3 wis, -5 dex or something) as just giving it posotive stats is too op. This would ruin the economy greatly. As BLOODQWEN would say,
    10/10 NO ADD
    2 GOOD SHIT M8

  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    I thought you meant double edged instead of two blades
    I was gonna flip

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