how to lose about 150$

  • so my best friend (@nioin) lost his steam account to steam guard cause he has no access to his email to enter the code.
    ended up for him to create a new account and for me paying about 150$ to buy all the games again.

    so yea , rly sucks for me cause i was the one paying (hopefully i will get it back someday)

    just wanted to share this quickly cause i got insane trying to restore the account and
    this bullshit (i hope) won't happen again .-.

    feel free to reply with some shitposty stuff ... im realy mad about this atm .-.


    at the end its not realy a big deal cause i spend alot more to kabam in rotmg ... but still!

  • Lovecraft

    rip u should have called gaben or steam forums

  • 27

    @Icadragon I don tget it
    Why did you have to pay for all of the games when it was HIS account lost?

  • Admin

    This is dumb, you should have contacted steam support to see if they could recover your account after your friend identified himself

  • Couldnt you just send them Creditcard info and recent purchases to identify it was him from another account?

  • @Icadragon how does one lose contact to his email.

  • @obamabin forget password and the old pc doesn't work anymore cause it just ... well got old...
    i cant rly explain it just started to lose parts until it wasn't working anymore.

  • @Icadragon no phone number in recovery or something?

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