Overpaying (around 15k fame worth of items) for $10 on Steam Wallet/skins worth $10 on CS:GO

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    I'm selling pretty much everything on my account worth 100 or more fame for CSGO items worth $10 in total or $10 on steam. You have to go first, I'm not taking anymore risks. I know I wouldn't scam anyone, but it is your choice to believe me or not. Message me on the forums if interested.
    Here are the items:

    0_1467053542657_NR Chest 1.png
    0_1467049394150_NR Chest 2.png
    0_1467049423759_NR Chest 3.png

    The other items in this trade too lazy to screenshot:

    7 exa hps
    8 para hps
    5 gsorcs
    2 cwholes
    1 book of geb
    3 t6 tomes
    3 t6 scepters
    4 acclaims
    1 ctrap
    3 planewalkers
    3 fouls
    4 hydras
    14 def potions
    13 speed potions
    3 vit potions
    5 wis potions
    and 800 fame

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