Prod Keys for Fame

  • I've got 8 shatters, 12 tombs, 6 LoDs, and 2 Clands on prod. I am willing to open them for fame on NR.
    Since 1 life = 250 fame, the prices are as follows:

    Shatters: 500 fame ea
    Tomb: 750 fame ea
    LoD: 250 fame ea
    Cland: 250 fame ea

    We can negotiate who goes first. I have done many trades for prod>NR and have a good reputation in doing so, nothing has ever gone wrong and everything has gone smoothly. If you are not willing to go first and have no vouches to back your reputation up, don't bother commenting. Again we can negotiate, if you need to see my vouches I can give you names.

    Contact me on forums via comment or chat message if you are interested. Prices non negotiable.

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