snow items for knight

  • i made some snow weapons for knight
    Name: snowflake sword
    Description: this sword is made with the same material used in making the snowflake bats
    sword and shot sprite 0_1467075172905_snow sword.PNG 0_1467075240973_shot sprite.PNG
    Projectile Speed:100
    lifetime: 1000
    Frequency: 0
    Projectile Amount:1
    ignores obstacles
    RoF: 95%
    Stat Bonus: .+3 spd -2dex

    Fame Bonus:5%

    DPS GRAPH:0_1467075535324_بدون عنوان.jpg
    snow sword is the gray like one
    why is this weapon balanced?

    i think the rate of fire of 95% and -2dex and lowers the swords dps and dose not make it op

    name: snowflake shield
    DESC: a shield made with the remains of a snow bat mama
    tier: UT
    damage:150-190 (average 195)
    shots ignores targets armor
    shot effect: stunned and slowed for 4 seconds
    stat bonus:+10 def -1 dex +2spd
    Mp cost :120


    name:snow bat armor
    tier: UT
    DESC: armor made with the remains of the small snow bats. the poor mother

    +2 vit

    all drop from snow bat mom at a rate of 1/5000

  • First off. I don't like the drop rates. The sword looks kinda odd and so does the shot. Knights dont have any dex in the first place so this would lower the chance for loot. The shield is basically ogmur but it doesn't armor break it just ignores armor. The armor itself is okay. but once again. if this set is for knights...they have low atk, spd, dex, and wis. So lowering two of the FOUR main things they are low on. It just doesnt make any sense.

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    @Prism also remember the warriors with their dex/damage buff and paladins with their high damage boosts.

  • I want to die

    sword is basically a better csword that could shoot through trees and stuff (we already have a zsaber), why take away dex when you have a lower rate of fire anyway

    sprite for shield isn't there, nor is the explanation for how is it balanced or unique

    armor is pretty bad, spd is not that important on melee classes. could be used on warrior because it has a huge att stat and would have little to no stipulation

    sprites look bland and unshaded
    descriptions are bad

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    3 terrible 5 me

  • @xlindowlx With the shield the set looks to be for a knight. Yes I know other classes use sword and armor but really...everything matters when it comes to a knight. Lowering one of his stats could really harm dps. On other characters though this could be useful. Except for the armor. The random spd ups arent gonna help if you cant do damage.

  • The sprite of the sword is pretty much a csword,
    so it's just a better csword.
    Armour sprite is just a blue normal tiered armor.
    Also 1/5000 is a big drop bro.
    Range 4.5 plus hits through obstacles.

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    More shading!

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