THE FORUMS: Inside and out

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    This topic is created to help not only new users, but even older users understand the forums in more depth.

    Before I get in to it, if any of your topics plan on falling under any of these, don't post them. There are already places for these.

    How To Guides:

    Welcome to the Nilly's Realm forums! I'm going to quickly explain how the forums work, and where and what you should post and why! If you happened to be directed here, then you may need some help understanding how the forums work. I'm going to link the correct use of each section with the header so you can click on it as an example for the correct kind of post for that particular category. I'm going to start off with the categories!

    0_1467084767669_upload-14707a6e-7186-4960-81b5-ea282f9861c4 Patch Notes

    Patch Notes, the category, was created as a way for nilly to update the community on recent additions and changes done to the Nilly's Realm private server. You can not, and I repeat, can NOT upload topics here. You can, in some cases, post in the currently existing topics if they are pinned.

    0_1467084801354_upload-1f0949be-ed3d-4ad1-bfe2-f0352cab9e24 Discussion

    Discussion, the category, was created as a way to bring up a topic and discuss it as a community.
    Discussion if often misused and people dump wortheless topics incorrectly in it. Here are a few cases were it was used incorrectly. (Their category placement may of changed after I uploaded this topic)
    (1) (2) (3)
    The third example has strong language and may be toxic to some users.

    0_1467084838568_upload-b513093f-6786-434a-a593-4b5985a92bbd Suggestions & Feedback

    Suggestions & Feedback, the category, was created for the community to suggest improvements and additions they would like to be implemented into the game. If their idea is liked by the community and the Nilly's Realm staff then their ideas might be added into the game and mentioned in the category Patch Notes. This category is rarely used incorrectly, but when it is then you see some really stupid topics.

    0_1467084923077_upload-0f95a99c-0bdc-40cb-9c47-3bdb51add608 Downloads

    Downloads, the category, was created for the ability for the community to share Downloads they either created or found. It may be risky to download things off this section. Do so at your own risk. Do not post ANY topics in this section until you read this!

    0_1467084948738_upload-c6e261c4-31b7-4a4f-9827-550349e9f414 Design Ideas Section

    Design Ideas Section, the category, was created as a way for the community to post ideas of their designs for items, bosses, maps and ect. to improve and add on to the Nilly's Realm private server. This category is oftenly confused with Suggestions & Feedback, so please try to understand the differences between them and don't make the same mistake others do.

    0_1467084972625_upload-178d69cd-4c18-4f32-83ce-1eac02d551af Help & Requests

    Help & Requests, the category, was created as a way for the community to ask questions to not only the Nilly's Realm staff, but also others in the community aswell. This is where you ask questions, not the category How To !

    0_1467085018591_upload-8e1938ef-87d3-4ba5-8129-27c34c743fcc How To

    How To, the category, was created for members of the community to create topics to help explain certain things. It was created to answer questions, unlike Help & Requests which was created to ask questions.
    Please do not get these two mixed up! If you don't understand the difference, message me directly so I can explain it for you.

    0_1467085057460_upload-8d746c1b-1579-4d86-9729-3a140af08e9c Trading Post

    Trading Post, the category, was created as a way to create trades, usually between games or real life, outside of the Nilly's Realm private server. This category is for trades and topics strictly related to trades.
    If you have any questions about trades, please post them in Help & Requests.

    0_1467085089266_upload-e69af2ac-da28-4409-b10d-b73fd2fe5ad3 Guilds

    Guilds, the category, was created for the community to advertise their guilds or their desire to be in one. You can also post guild related discussions here. Please do not get this mixed up with Discussion.
    Here are two 'popular' guilds as of now that I know of: (1: Everlasting Destiny) (2: Gronda's Queendom)

    0_1467085107314_upload-ce23858d-6d0e-47af-bafc-fa31c5bad096 Whine Cellar

    Whine Cellar, the category, is a place created purely for the people who need to vent out their frustration. If it is based of a angry non sensible complaint, or generally just all caps and rage emojis, then it belongs in the Whine Cellar. Please for the love of god don't post here with anything related to the Wine Cellar. Also just because its the Whine Cellar doesn't mean you can shitpost here. If you still don't have a reason to post, then you're still shitposting.

    0_1467085128801_upload-2bdd74d5-f1f5-40af-be3f-2d8047fc5a9a Off-Topic

    Off-Topic, the category, was created for the community to talk about things not specific to Nilly's Realm
    Off-Topic is one of the most commonly used categories on Nilly's Realm and if your post doesn't fall under any of the previous categories then it should fall into Off-Topic.

    Those are all of the categories of Nilly's Realm forums.


    Next I'm going to touch up on those buttons on the top of your screen.
    Shows you the list of categories.
    Shows you posts you have not yet read.
    Shows you the newest posts and topics. Doesn't matter what category they are in.
    Shows you the tags. Plain and simple.
    Shows you the most posted in topics of all time/the year/month/week.
    Shows those who have registered an account on the Nilly's Realm forums. You can them organize by reputation and post count.
    Shows you popular groups and also lets you create one of your own!
    Takes you to the official Nilly's Realm wiki page.
    Tool that helps you find specifics.
    Notifys you if somebody responded or mentioned you, upvoted your post or topic, followed you, or private messaged you.
    Shows you all of your private messages.
    This shows your profile image. clicking on it allows you to acess your profile and edit it to your liking.


    Next up I'm going to show you how to make, delete, and edit topics and posts! First off you're going to see a big blue button in the top left corner when in a category or recent. It should look like this:
    In it you will have a bunch of interesting yet somewhat confusing buttons and Icons. I'm going to quickly go through them with you.
    1: This is the title, and will be the visible text outside of your topic.
    2: This is bold text. Highlight your text and click this to bold it. Example
    3: This is italic text. Highlight your text and click this to italicize it. Example
    4: This is the list button. It will create a dotted list. You can do this yourself by typing * at the start.
    5: This is the strikethrough text. Highlight your text and click this to strike through it. Example
    6: Clicking this button will create a link renaming tool. [link text]< Custom text | Website >(link url)
    7: Allows you to post an image with alternative text in case it doesn't show up.
    8: Allows you to insert canned reponses.
    9: Allows you to upload files directly off your computer to the topic/post.
    10: Allows you to find and copy hex color codes.
    11: Allows you to change the color of your text. Example
    12: The text you insert into your topic. This is what people will see (including your title) in your topic.
    13: Shows you what the Nilly's Realm forums are running on. Currently powered by Markdown.
    14: Preview that shows what your text will look like. All coding and text changes will work visually.
    15: Allows you to hide the preview section. Simple, right?
    16: Allows you to change the category your topic will be posted as. Make sure you post it in the correct category!
    17: Lets you discard your topic/post. WARNING: You can not bring it back after it is discarded.
    18: Lets you submit your topic once it is finished. Make sure to double check everything!
    19: These are the tags. Type in currently existing or a new tag to create it and have it list your topic.
    20: Allows you to hide the topic/post creation without deleting your progress.
    21: Reputation. Allows you to show that you like a post.
    22: Options. Pulls up the options menu.
    23: Edit. Allows you to go back into your topic/post creation and change information.
    24: Delete. Deletes the post or post in the topic. Doesn't delete the entire topic.
    25: Bookmark. Allows you to pin a post to keep your eye on it.
    26: Share. Share the post with your social media. (Pretty self explanatory.)
    27: Shows the tags you or the original poster listed with the topic.
    28: The amount of posts in a topic.
    29: The amount of times a guest or registered player viewed the topic.
    30: Clicking this with allow you to write a reply to the topic.
    31: Clicking this causes the website to treat you like you've never clicked on the topic.
    32: Watching a topic notifies you every time somebody replies to it.
    33: Sorting the topic allows you to see post replies in a specific order.
    34: Opens the topic tools menu.
    35: Allows you to delete a topic completely. Use this instead of deleting the topic post.
    36: Turns your topic into an unanswered question. Use it again to call it solved, and once more to remove the question.
    37: Links leading up to your current position.
    38: Your current position.
    39: Opens the topic as unprocessed HTML coding.
    40: Poster's profile picture.
    41: Poster's availability status.
    42: Poster's account name.
    43: Poster's shown group.
    44: When the poster posted the post.
    45: When and if the poster edited the post.
    46: The text the poster posted.
    47: Reputation and sharing options.
    48: Poster's signature.
    49: Reply to the poster.
    50: Quote something the poster said.

    51: Topic creator's profile image. (Click on it to take you to their profile.)
    52: Additional features. (Pin, lock, question, ect.)
    53: Topic Title
    54: Post Count
    55: View Count
    56: Last Poster
    57: Original topic poster
    58: Time the topic was posted
    59: Category the topic was posted in.

    60: Previous Page
    61: Current Page
    62: Pages
    63: Enter Page Number
    64: Next Page
    65: NR Logo link that takes you to the Private Server's website.

    Aditional Information [Added 10/16/16]

    0_1476642512165_upload-69b2ebaa-4467-4359-9fc4-9568d0041725 -Pin: Pinned posts will remain on the top of the category view section. Can be bumped
    0_1476642565849_upload-a45576fa-4821-4b56-b9c2-b1fd75b448eb -Lock: Locked topics can nolonger be posted in. Only forum moderators can lock.
    0_1476642655200_upload-8ce559fb-157d-4636-b9b1-cb33d0d100b7 -Question: Somebody is asking a question. It is currently unanswered.
    0_1476642707159_upload-ce9e0c32-912e-4bac-8881-f8f0aa7c0718 -Answered: Somebody had asked a question. It is now answered.

    Nilly's Realms Discord Server.

    Well that is pretty much the forums and all you need to know about the forums. Please, if you see anybody who clearly doesn't understand the forums, direct them to this topic to help them understand the forums in general better.

    I would love to have this topic pinned to How To, but if not that is fine. Thanks guys.
    If I have made any mistakes making this topic, please PM me what is wrong and how I can fix it.
    I hope this has helped you understand the forums more and I can't wait to see things posted in the correct spots.


  • I mean i watched the movie i liked joy and sadness but not those like gross or anger or the purple guy but idk what is this post??? this isnt about movie isnt it???

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    I mean i watched the movie i liked joy and sadness but not those like gross or anger or the purple guy but idk what is this post??? this isnt about movie isnt it???

    tfw when this post isnt about the movie :sob: :sob: :sob:

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    It's kinda like me not reading to the Terms and Services.

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    It's been awhile so I guess I'll update this forum guide. Added information on topics and how they work! 1-50 things you could learn. Check it out if you haven't already, you may see something new!

    And no this isn't a necrobump. I actually added information, I'm the OP, and its pinned. <3

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    New Update

    More information added!

    • 51-65
    • Additional Information
    • Good How To topics.

    Just wanted to add a small update to this old topic. enjoy

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