Absoulutly despise draggers

  • I hate draggers to my very being i was doing ghost ship some noob decided hey ima drag a bubch of gods to ghost ship and so im like ok ill just dodge the gods while fighting ghost ship and of course they either nexused or teleported away and all god aggro fell on me so i decided to try and get out while i could and that led to me getting insta killed by the ghost ships large cannonballs.

  • You could have gone to nexus.

  • @obamabin sure you try and press the R key as your being 1 shot see how that works for you


  • @obamabin there was no reason to press R since i was basically full health

  • @Chainster well it's a perma-death game, nobody cares. You said all the others nexused or teleported away so this means you should've aswell.

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    @Chainster Nothing in the gship can 1 shot you. The big cannonballs come in pairs, and they can kill you if both hit, but they move slowly enough to press nexus beforehand.
    You were too slow, deal with it.
    Quit bitching and rebuild

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    I don't rely on other players when it comes to enemy attention.
    I've had multiple cases where I have dragged into a group because I got too many gods on me and not enough damage to kill them all off.
    Seeing as you were in a ghost ship spawn then I'm sure there were plenty of other players wanting to gang up and kill the ship as fast as possible. They may of not noticed or cared of the monsters on their backs because their goal was the ghost ship, and once he got there and had to slow down, he must of noticed the gods on his back and nexused out of fear. Not all drags are intentional.

    If I were you, I'd always expect the worse and prepare to act in case if you were correct. Try to get hit by every god at least once, copy down the damage and shots, and then calculate how much damage you'll get depending on how much gods are there. For example on my knight, I consider a medusa to be 135 damage average and a Ghost god around the same. So if I see 4 ghost gods and like 3 medusas I know I should be careful as that is around 945 damage, which is enough to kill most players. I personally think the ghost ship deals around 550 if you tank his full shotgun on a knight (Not saying if he's maxed or not. just trying to get the point across) Seeing this, I would swap my attention to the gods and slowly back away from the ghost ship. If you know you're in a tight position I'd advise running in the direction of the least risk instead of attempting to nexus. If you had to get out to the point were you walked back into a ghost ship shotgun then you were simply not paying attention to your surroundings or you simply have poor judgement. I'm not saying this to scold you, I'm just saying this to hope you understand were you likely want wrong and how you can fix this.
    Be more mindful of possible outcomes.

  • @LagoonZz this is whine cellar idiot this is where you come to bitch about suff.

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    @Chainster and yet bitching on the forums aint gonna get ur char back (i know you didnt ask for it back, but still), so just go back onto the game, rebuild and learn from ur mistakes.
    What im trying to say is that although it may help to get rid of some pent up agression, posting on the forums doesnt help in the long run, in my experience you just have to get your head back into the game and start all over again.

  • I don't care

    I am a dragger and I find this mean :CC

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    Flying Brain=Unstable
    Slime God=Slowness
    BreadStick=More Drags

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    If u know wut i mean.

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