The status room

  • While it sounds like something from Olympus Has Fallen, I was wondering, what if there was an offline feature built into the game that allowed you to move your character, and add status effects to it? The stats could be modded, and same with the status effects. It would give you the hand at confuse controls and deal with unstable. What do you guys think? Comment below.

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    cool, but kinda useless in a way.

  • Trading Moderators

    The only status effect this would be remotely useful for is Confuse, even then it's useless because the player could just practice with the Mad Lab confuse turrets or minions. Getting perma confused is always an option too. It's not useful.

    Also, this is not a design idea, it belongs in Suggestions & Feedback.

  • you could always make a map and just add enemies that give the desired debuff

  • Banned

    @Bilore map usage is only limited to rank 50

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