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    Okay, now that I established that I am not here to scam anyone, I want to start a gambling spot here. A couple years ago, back on prod. I saw a video where someone was doing a gambling service. I was fascinated about that, where a community wasn't complete garbage in that video. Ever since then, I felt empty in prod. without this kind of trustworthy community. Then I came across Nilly's Realm, which gave me this feeling of community again, which gave me the idea to try to revive this idea of gambling. Backstory aside, here are my rules for my gamble.


    • There will be an RNG used (a bot in discord with an RNG command. Discord server is Ignition Gambling) to determine the outcome.
    • You put in fame to create spots in there. The more spots you have, the higher chance you have to get the item.
    • Depending on the amount of fame put in, (minimum of 50 fame) you will be given spots on the RNG.
    • For the first 50 fame, you will be given 3 spots. For every 50 fame added afterwards, you will be given another spot.
    • RNG will only list 3 spots.
    • If all of the RNG numbers listed matches ALL 3 of your spots, then you get the item. If not, then you don't get the item.
    • If RNG states a number that was already picked, I will simply re-roll for another outcome.
    • PM Ignition if you want to gamble.

    Alright, let's do an example scenario.
    Little XxMLGManxX wants to gamble for a Nile, which has 8 spots. He PMs Ignition saying he wants to do the gamble. They meet up. XxMLGManxX will give 150 fame to gamble with to Ignition, giving him 5 spots. He then chooses his spots, 1 3 4 5 and 6. Ignition uses the RNG, with the outcome of 1, 4, and 5. XxMLGManxX then gets the Nile from Ignition.

    Now you may be skeptical, coming from prod. where everyone scams. I understand that, and I will not scam you of your fame at all when you are doing this process. I will stick to my word and give you the item you're gambling for when you win. This all comes down to whether or not RNGesus loves you or not. If you want to do a gamble, PM Ignition.


    Items currently in stock:

    Cwand: 4 spots
    4 Leaf Seal: 14 spots
    Expo: 13 spots
    Sphinx: 16 spots
    Tablet: 6 spots
    DBow: 60 spots
    Prot: 12 spots
    Doku: 16 spots
    Geb Tome: 9 spots
    Planewalker: 4 spots

    Cosmic: 6 spots
    Foul: 4 spots

    EDIT: I set up a discord where the better can see whether or not the RNG favored them or not. The server is Ignition Gambling. Thanks to sheeeit for giving me the idea to do so.

  • Shitposters

    :thumbsdown_tone1: :

  • @Ignition said in Ignition's RNG Gambling Spot:

    • For 50 fame, you will be given 3 spots. For every 50 fame added, you will be given another spot.

    What. 50 fame for 3 spots but every 50 fame more is 1 spot? I dont get it

  • Think of it like a snowball effect. Where the starting fame is the pile of snow in the beginning. The same amount of snow added will make the snowball slightly bigger, not doubling the size.

  • @Ignition Well if you are legit, you're about to lose a lot of money.
    Cbow reskin = 2000 fame
    You say its 35 spots so if i put in 50 fame for 3 spots, I should have a 8.5% chance of winning
    So this means if i repeat this 12 times I should win it. Total price = 600 fame
    600 fame for cbow reskin, seems legit :thumbsup:

  • @Stiggyone It's honestly fine. I just want to create a sense of community
    Also, remember, if you put in 50 fame, then all 3 of your things have to match with the 3 outcomes of RNG

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I respect you for doing that c:

  • @Ignition Ok I missed that detail, now thats a scam lmao
    So lets take the cbow example, I have to get 3 numbers correct out of 35 if I put in 50 fame so the chance of this is:
    1/35 * 1/34 * 1/33 = 0.00002546473% chance of getting all 3 numbers
    This means that it should take me 39270 attempts or 1,963,500 fame to get the cbow

  • @Stiggyone That's why you don't necessarily put in 50 fame each time. Plus, it's just only for the cbow reskin, which is the most risky item on here.

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    @Ignition I like gambling.
    So i automaticaly like it

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    another shitpost jkjk <3 <3

  • gambling in nr.. sounds like a bad idea since there is already a money sink when someone dies.
    also if you actually want to do this, id suggest just hosting an IRC with a random number generator and playing BJ or 55-100.

    if you dont know 55-100, its basically you place a bet (ie a nile) you roll the RNG and if it lands anywhere between
    56-100 the host wins, anywhere between 1-54 the better wins x2 the item or equivalent in value. 55 is reroll. the only problem would be deciding the prices of items.

  • @sheeeit 's idea is good.
    Without a website, you seem really, really shady.
    At least stream the RNG rolls for crying out loud.

    Pro Tip if you want to Gamble: Sell your Nilly's items for CS:GO items. Deposit onto a gambling site, done. Much less shady than this guy.

  • @Shotbow well thats why i said you should set up an IRC, that way if you connected to said IRC you would be able to see the rolls in real time. if youve never used IRC i suggest looking into it, it would make more sense if you understood that.

  • @sheeeit Yeah your idea is good, doubt OP will set it up though...

  • @Shotbow true, i hope he doesnt ;) thats how the rich get richer, and theres not really a point of that on NR right now.

  • @sheeeit Ehh, who wouldn't want more fame to turn into PayPal/BTC/Steam Cards?

  • @Shotbow oh true, i didnt think of it like that. at least it would just be fame traded around, but then you have certain people spending all their time gambling and someone is just gonna be sitting there with a shitload of fame and the prices for fame > pp would probly drop and the eco might get hurt a bit too. just guesses but ive seen it happen in other private servers with the similar number of active players as nr

  • @sheeeit Alright, having seen this conversation, I'll take note of what Shotbow said and take video evidence when doing the gamble. While the ideas presented by sheeeit were good ones, the pricing would be quite complicated. Thanks for speaking out my flaws, I'll try to fix them.
    EDIT: Since I use a school-owned computer, the proxy disallows me to use an IRC, throwing that idea out of the window.

  • Wiki Editor

    So.... if I were to give you 400 fame for 10 spots (3 spots for 50 + 350 for 7 extras) as of the T14 robe, do I like insta-win or something? lol

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    i will enter 3 shendyt pack with 100 fame so 4 spots meet me ingame

  • @Ignition cheers, gl with your plans :)

    edit: @Ignition consider going to https://www.carbonitex.net/Discord/bots and looking at the nakedo bot, you can roll dice/flip coins/draw cards on discord with this extension. it would make gambling a whole lot easier, plus if you had control of your own channel you wouldnt really need to vid it or worry about delay

  • Alright. To make things less shady, I've set up a discord server where the better and the hoster can both see the outcomes. Credit @sheeeit for the idea.

  • You think the nilly's community is good? Don't make me laugh bitterly.

    The nilly's community is just as bad as prod's, there's just less of them

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