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  • Cyclops Club
    Description: a long time ago the mighty highland forgers would make unbreakable clubs that would stand as one of the most formidable weapons for the cyclops generals
    (Special thanks to @its-That-Guy for a lot of help with this Idea)
    Weapon Sprite:

    Projectile Sprite:

    Shots: 2
    Damage: 130-170
    Rate of fire: 75
    Range: 4
    Lifetime: 270
    Speed: 145
    Fame bonus: 5%
    Ignores Defense
    Drops From: Cyclops god
    Drop Rate: 1/1000

    Shots are Diagonal of each other

    Dps Chart (Cyclops Club is in pink)(The Dps is only that much if you hit both shots):

    Why is this Sword balanced and unique?: It's balanced because it has a high drop rate, and it has a delay before each shot. It's unique because no other sword in the game has projectiles, or sprites like this does, and its a fresh idea that hasn't been done yet.

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  • ⛵Noah's Ark⛵

    What bag.

  • @NoahTheBoa White

  • ⛵Noah's Ark⛵

    @Shotfired69 ...

    Although seriously.
    Make it cyan please.

  • @NoahTheBoa I don't have a good reason to do make it a cyan. Sorry

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Okay a new suggestion, lets see:

    -Even though the shape is good, the shading on it is minimal, add more shadding(and btw the 2 grey dots are bugging me).
    -The projectile sprite... Could be better.

    First of all, i want to clear out that this weapon drop rate is very low, increase it to 1000-3000.
    -Imagine this weapon with a warrior/Paladin, the damage would be a lot, it would make others items like Dblade useless.

    -This is an Armor piercing Dblade.

    -Make the shot amount 1, because clubs are supposed to hit hard, not to split on two.
    -Lower the RoF, clubs are supposed to be heavy.
    -Work on Shadding and Re-make the shoot sprite.

  • ⛵Noah's Ark⛵

    @Shotfired69 Why ?
    Its tacky.
    Seriously all other requests to be dropped from gods as a white where pushed to the side and thrown away like trash.
    Its pointless

  • @xlindowlx I will work on the shading, but the 2 dots are on the original sprite of the cyclops god so i don't think ill take those off.I'll drop the Rate of fire, and I will lower the Drop rate. The shots are not like the Demon Blade at all. The idea is for 2 horizontal line to be shot then wait around 1.7 seconds and then another 2 horizontal shots
    Thanks for the Constructive criticism

  • Trading Moderators

    I honestly think you should work on something else. I highly doubt that staff will implement any new items unless there are new enemies/dungeons which they can drop from, not with the current state of the game. We don't need white bags from every quest. The drop rate really shouldn't "balance out" good/decent items when they drop from such a damn easy enemy, there's no point fighting more difficult bosses when you can get decent unique items from trash enemies like the Cyclops God.

    It's just an easy enemy, and should not drop white bags/good items. (Same with Pristine, Ent set, etc. I don't just dislike your idea, I dislike all alike.) More items like this don't belong in the game, they never belonged in the first place.

  • @Wizardism I honestly have no hope for this item getting in the game (it would be nice though), but i see what you're saying, but if things like Pristine, Ent set, and the Phoenix wand can get in the game, then this definitely has a chance. I am trying to make a unique item that the game hasn't seen yet. I'm trying to see what people have to say in order for me to get a this item a bit more balanced and fair. That being said I'm going to change the drop rate, and more stats in the future. Thanks for the Constructive Criticism

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I don't know why I would ever use this. If I wanted a weapon with a wider shot, then I would simply use pixie sword.
    Then once I get to places were your blade out damages pixie sword, I'll simply switch to an acclaim anyways. more range. Most enemies with that high of defense have shots that can 1shot knights and warriors, so why would you get close to them.

    These are my thoughts on your weapon.

  • Detective

    @Pringle its meant for high defense monsters like for example avatar,guardians,oryx,asylum enemies

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @"its-That-Guy." But even on a knight and warrior, you'd still be better off with an acclaim due to the better range and the reliable one shot rather than two. Its range its patheticly short for something aimed towards high defense units. I don't see this being used.

  • Detective

    @Pringle ill tell him to buff range.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    You should make an entire post on that. pls. Or I had this idea where there would be like... an announcement for when items/dungeons/mobs are needed and then people can submit their ideas. Yeah? Yeah.

  • Detective

    @ClrPnk admins are more suitable for that post.

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