Rotmg Arena "dev-diary"

  • im trying to finish b4re nilly/staff finishes the donation system or a new dungeon
    (it used to be called "realm runners" cause i wanted to create a rotmg 2d shooter thing but i think its going to be a rotmg singleplayer arena game, so ... i changed the name to ICA's relam arena)

    day: 1 (29.06.2016)

    i need to create some sprites for myself cause of the missing internet.
    and work on movement and animation at home
    archer is the only class for now
    so nothing interesting.
    i need to recreate the sprites cause i cannot download them
    thats some dbow right there

    maybe i will finish this quickly when i think about the stuff ive done in one day xd

    day: 2 (30.06.2016)

    im working on the camera setting now so the char is walking with your screen
    thats important for the game itself... still dont know about the inventory tho , that whould be the hardest part but i think im on a good way.
    (blue orbs are test objects)
    10 dexterity is pretty fast for now tho, i need to reduce the speed a bit
    and work on the other stats, and i can start to make a background on the next day
    or even my first enemy...
    and now something cool happened, i discovert the secret on the 3d thing that sprites are behind other sprites corectly and thats great if you ask me. (depth = -y)

    day: 3 (01.07.2016)

    im still woking on dex and just wont get any good things here
    but i added an enemy AI test (for the pirate)
    and tryed to make a wizzy staff and its not working rly well and looks kinda edgy
    (you can see the new 32x32 weblike arena background
    and the AI test with the multicharge sprite)
    i think i will finish the wizzy staff thing (wont be exact but "OK")
    and a damage system + attack stat

    day: 4 (02.07.2016)

    i just dont care about the staff anymore, its just 3 hard for now
    i starded adding the inv ID system with the inv slots ( no equip slots atm )
    and i even have an idea how to make that bags remember whats inside
    (just give them 8 IDs and they will load them if you step on them)
    i wont likly do drag and drop stuff but more likly hotkey swapping...
    so yea , wont do stuff anymore cause i want to enjoy my weekend

    day: 5 (03.07.2016)

    i finished the inv slots (with hotkey swapping)
    just mouseover a slot and press the number for exchange
    for example:
    hold mouse over slot 1 and press the 5 key to swap items from slot 1 and 5
    every slot has an ID and every item has an ID
    so , you can see the item inside it
    ID 0 = air
    ID 1 = shortbow
    ID 2 = longbow
    and so on
    i will add hp, mp and exp bar tomorrow <3
    (looks a bit edgy atm XD)

    day: 6 (04.07.2016)

    i added the hp and mp bar (with fresh colours) like in the screenshot below


    also i improved the dex valures and added support for the inv thing...
    changed name to realm runners -> ICA's realm arena -> rotmg arena ... yup , i did it
    i will also work on the equipment stuff a bit.. to finish it in the next days ^^

    day: 7 (05.07.2016)

    i finished the damage stuff but suddenly , BOOOM everything was lost
    so i need to load a backup again (painful) but now i finished all the work again
    only thing with problems is still the "one projectile can only hit an enemy once"

    day: 8 (06.07.2016)

    i finished something great today, i present to you... The equip system!
    but i still need to copy and paste alot here
    so i cannot show anything. but at least we can see more things in the next days ^^

    day: 9 (06.07.2016)

    i added the second slot of the equip inv
    and thats great but not only that...
    i also finished a fully working quiver for the archer (exept for the piercing problem)
    well , see ya next day for the other 2 slots

    more news to come tomorrow.
    biggest problems:
    inventory: i will prob make an id setup for this one like that
    slot1-8: + item ID (ID 0 = air and so on)
    same thing with loot bags but i have to sort all items in there aswell
    and let (only) the closest bag detect by the player.
    walls wont stop player movement:
    if the character moves to a wall , he stops the movement and wont slide slowly off

    (warning hate incomming XD)

  • Infamous Forumers

    Cool! Can i try this out?

  • @BreadStick i can give you a download of my test version per chat if you want
    but it wont work on mac i think

  • Infamous Forumers

    Sure @Icadragon I would like to try the test version.

  • updated....

  • heyyy thats pretty good. what program do you use to test out the shots and shit?

  • Infamous Forumers

    Wow updated... missed it.

  • updated...

  • Infamous Forumers

    Send me the download link where there's more items in this.

  • updated...

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