Make use of Gift Chests More

  • Kool Kiddos

    Ok Google, I ment Nilly, just a couple suggestions here

    1. Please make it so that loot you get from OAs go to gift chests
    • I dont mean the drops you get, I mean the things that you get on certain waves.
      If you don't want to do that, then at least make it so that if you inventory is full, it will send it their.
    1. Make it so that if you purchase an item from the marketplace, it goes to you vault chest
    • Mainly because that would add a cool touch to the game, but also because I have seen many idiots buy items from the vault chests with no space in their inventory :/

    ~~This list will be updated

  • @KolaFrmSxpreme Cool idea, but I still hate how people can't spell meant or use the proper there/theirs properly D:
    don't judge, my parents are both teachers :(
    On the marketplace vault chest and the OA gift chest subject, I think that'd be really hard to code, and the marketplace vault chest thing?
    I think people just need to be a bit more careful.

  • Maybe the normal arena too

  • Kool Kiddos

    @Hoomin i dont liek gramer or speeeling very mucxh, im alsdo noAT A GOOD TIPER

  • @KolaFrmSxpreme smae

  • Banned

    maybe only oa...that seems like the only plausible change

  • Lolicons

    1. Loot drop and effusions are helpful when you use them in the OA, there's no need to have them sent directly to the vault. When the inventory is full and a wave-based reward is about to come, you could always just make one space in your inventory for it. I know for sure that Knorrex will tell you that inventory management is part of the game.

    2. Umm, what? When you purchase an item from the marketplace it's assumed that you're using it for the character, and if not you could always vault it. When your inventory is full and you purchase something from the market, it's automatically sent to the Gift Chest.

  • Kool Kiddos

    This post is deleted!


    Before going into oa clear in and backpack ..... wave 3... Fuck no more space.

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