Mayan Relic(reviving trap)

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    Desc: An evil trap, all it traps is your fame...
    Mana Cost:1
    Cooldown:60 secs
    Projectile speed: 0
    Stat Bonuses:-10 att
    Drop Location: Swamp Spirit, 1/7500 chance
    Why is this item unique and balanced?: first of all, you may say this is broken because it revives, but it takes away all of your char's base fame. It has 2 uses. This would be like ammy but - 10 att... and almost as rare as boshy gun

  • No, just no.

  • Banned

    lol kek dude

  • 27

    I agree with JamarMario, just no.

    Items like this shouldnt be allowed to drop, especially since people think ammys are too op even though they cost 50k, Also, you shouldnt have an ability to revive for just one class (huntress in this case), and that would mean making all of the classes have an ability that allows them to be revived, which would, again, be a straight no.
    Please think about your ideas and not just wipe your arse and spread it over the page and call it an idea.
    Thank you.

  • Banned

    funny thing, i did wipe my ass all over the page

  • 1/7500 is op, also the -10 attack is shit, people could just swap to this if they have low hp.

  • you should consider making a healing trap rather than a reviving trap. that might go over easier with other people. it could be like the bile toad canister poison thing, except for a huntress :)

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