~Ruin Island~ Shatters sequel-like Dungeon

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )


    The map is awesome, it has a lot of interesting and unique puzzles that you need to do to safely do it without completely messing it up,

    This map is super hard, but fun, and would add a whole new dimension to the game!

    its That Guy."
    I feel this dungeon will be an excellent edition it has a good combination of originality,teamwork,strategy, and seems very difficult it is a dungeon that would make me feel very excited yet careful of my surroundings.


    This dungeon is Ruin Island and takes place on an island (duh that had just appeared out of nowhere! (spooky!)
    Because you're such a curious person, you went to check it out and died immediately investigate
    what mysteries and secrets that hold on this island.
    Signs have shown that the monsters you face are familiar and seem to reflect the gruesome adventures of realmers.
    What does all of this mean?
    It seemed that Food someone you know is in control of this bizarre incident!


    Progress: 100%


    Approximate Average Ratings (By Test Runners)
    Difficulty: 9.5/10 (Harder than Shatters, to be precise)
    Dungeon: 9/10


    Ruin Island's History


    Sakuzyo- AngelFalse (Before Cave of Difference)

    Sakuzyo- Harpyia (During and After Cave of Difference)

    Sakuzyo- Code : Σ(sigma) (During Snow Town Kalveen to End of Harsh Snowfields (Inner)

    Sakuzyo- Frontier (During Forgotten King Fight)

    Lewt Table:

    Path 1: Through the Bewitching Forest (Shorter and relatively more easier path)
    1 Asylum Statue (sottler cloak + pots)
    2 Bella Chest (vit + uts)
    1 Thessal (mana + chance of coral set)

    Path 2: Through Former City Celceus (harder path)
    1 Pentaract (Pots + oreo)
    1 Abyss Idol(Vit + Def + uts,including new ut)
    1 Bes (Life + uts)
    1 Geb (Life + uts)
    1 Nut (Life + uts
    1 Shaitans Chest (Chance of Shaitans UT, including the famous Cap Sword) (If attempt to unlock secret)

    Secret Path: (If you activate Abandoned Switch 7,8)
    1 Forgotten King (Life + Crown+ Possible Uh seal drop)
    1 Green Dragon Chest (Chance of Pizza Helm + Green Dragon Hide + some pots)
    1 Janus Chest (Uts + vit)


    ~Beginning Areas~
    Somber Plains
    Shattered Bridge
    Magi Gathering

    Path 1: Through Bewitching Forest

    Bewitching Forest
    Forested Tunnel
    Spider Ceremony
    Waterfall Cavern
    Eerie Cove

    Path 2: Through Former City Celceus

    Twilight Hideout
    Bewitching Forest (Pentaract Towers)
    Caves of Misfortune
    Southern Defense Point
    Former City Celceus (South)
    Former City Celceus (North)
    Sand Flood

    Secret Areas:

    Forgotten Northern Point
    Hidden Magma Bridge
    Cave of Difference
    Harsh Snowfields (Outer)
    Formidable Bridge
    Frost City Kalveen
    Harsh Snowfields (Inner)
    Snowfield's Conflict

    Custom Mobs (Only 1 D:)

    Ruin Island Chest


    <Object type="0xc500" id="Ruin Island Chest">
          <DisplayId>Food's Chest</DisplayId>
                .Init("Ruin Island Chest",
                    new State(
                        new State("Idle",
                            new ConditionalEffect(ConditionEffectIndex.Invulnerable),
                            new TimedTransition(5000, "ready")
                        new State("ready")
                    new Threshold(0.1,
                        new TierLoot(14, ItemType.Armor, 0.25), 
                        new TierLoot(13, ItemType.Weapon, 0.1),
                        new TierLoot(15, ItemType.Armor, 0.25),
                        new TierLoot(14, ItemType.Weapon, 0.1),
                        new ItemLoot(“Unholy Seal”, 0.025),
                        new ItemLoot(“Unholy Sword”, 0.025),
                        new ItemLoot(“Unholy Quiver”, 0.025),
                        new ItemLoot(“The Forgotten Crown”, 0.05),
                        new ItemLoot(“Potion of Life”, 1),
                        new ItemLoot(“Potion of Mana”, 1)

    Special Thanks to USA for making the behavior

    General Notes:
    Loot Drops:
    Mana guaranteed 1
    Life guaranteed 1
    T13 Weapons 25/100 Chance
    T14 Weapons 10/100 Chance
    T14 Armours 25/100 Chance
    T15 Armours 10/100 Chance
    Forgotten Crown 1/200 Chance (Same rate)
    Unholy Seal 2.5/1000 Chance
    Unholy Sword 2.5/1000 Chance
    Updated: Unholy Quiver 2.5/10000
    Possible 1 custom ut? :o
    Drops from Forgotten King (Same behavior but drops different loot which is this chest over here)

    ++Extra Notes++

    The dungeon tests on:

    • Navigation
      Finding the best way though the paths filled with enemies and devious turrets especially the paralysis ones :troll:

    • Timing
      Striking at the best moment when turrets/enemies are at most vulnerable, as well as using abilities wisely.

    • Activity
      Keeping you moving or else you get cogwheeled yourself in an unpleasant situation.

    • Cooperation
      Keeping towards a certain Target to eliminate snowballing threats.

    • Positioning of both shots and self
      Shots and where you stand and fire are very crucial or else you will get parrot and make things impossible.

    With all these, it is harder than any dungeon (including shatters, but not the bosses themselves) why no custom boss for this :(

    This dungeon has 2 paths.
    Each path has a Abandoned Switch (7,8) after either path
    Both paths has to be cleared to unlock the secret path.
    Hitting thetwo will cause the Magma Bridge to form, leading to the Cave of Difference, and thus, your secret path.

    The dungeon will be one of the longest dungeons you would ever face.
    Get ready for the amount of time you spend

    Don't even try to rush the dungeon


    2_1468502807974_shatters2g.png 1_1468502807974_shatters2b.png 0_1468502807973_shatters2a.png
    1_1468502849766_shattersd.png 0_1468502849766_shattersc.png

    I appreciate Feedback too!

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    ign? and how do we exactlhy test run it

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    IGN is Food, I can open dream worlds and ask people to get ready in nexus so I can immediately close soon to stop dungeon poopers.

  • looking forward to seeing some great work from youyet again food

  • looks very similar to turkey time, but gl with this, it seems like an interesting idea :)

  • I don't care

    Food do you not know how to post images on forums lol? And at least don't use some weird ass image posting site with weeaboo ads on the side.

  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    me likey

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    Looks good. :+1:

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    pretty good but too similar to turkey time

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    I test ran this map with food and 2 others, It was actually quite fun something different. I give 7/10 on the map design (this is due because its not completed yet)
    I give a 8/10 Difficulty on the map. It includes paralizes from the epic forest and a few other twists. It is dangerous to go alone.

    Cant wait to see the rest of it! keep up the good work.

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Done making the map for today.
    Updated Map Image
    Cookie (100 fame) to the first one who finds out where I get the name of the city, Celceus , from.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Food degree Celsius?

  • Closed Tester

    Rip, he got it.

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    It was easy to guess anyway.
    If you see me online, remind me to get the cookie for you.
    Also, what's your IGN?

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    @Food CongaLyfe

  • @Food said in ~Beyond The Ruins~ Shatters sequel-like Dungeon:

    It was easy to guess anyway.
    If you see me online, remind me to get the cookie for you.
    Also, what's your IGN?

    Yo food, you should add more to the twilight cave
    I'd be willing to make NEW enimies for this but i cant fucking code

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Bumperino, Updated Post with Areas + Loot Table + Updated Map

  • @Food can i just say you are possibly the best map maker xD

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    @ergona2.0 Thanks, really appreciate encouragement ;)

  • @Food <3 its true though

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Updated moar loot + moar areas + new map

  • Lolicons

    Having played this yesterday, its a solid dungeon, i cant wait to see it ripe

  • this dungeon is hard with a lot of people. Just like the shatters, you don't want people to activate many enemies at once. That can cause chaos. I would say the dungeon is 9/10 difficulty.

  • @Adept True that

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