Trickster Set by Charizard

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    Okay. I present to you my janky ideas and terrible sprites, but please take a read. Lets get started shall we?

    Dagger of Sweet Death
    Crafted by the hardest candy on earth, this tool of weaponry is used in combat by only heros with a sweet tooth.
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 75-160
    Projectile Speed: 14
    Range: 5.2
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Shots ignore Obstacles
    Shots ignore Walls
    What makes this item unique and balanced? It is able to shoot for walls. (any anything else really, besides multiple monsters) so it can be really useful in many places. Though for the draw back there is a lowered range and the damage lowering than a tier 8 fire dagger. It's a dagger used to get enemies though the wall but do very weak damage.

    Drops from MegaRototo at 0.002 (1/500)

    Galactic Rock Prism
    A strange mineral came from outer space one day and ended up in these Candyland Hunting Grounds. It is still unknown of the great powers it is believe to have.
    MP Cost: 40
    Teleport to Target
    No Decoys
    Stat Bonuses: +3 Vit
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    What makes this item unique and balanced? It is basically a upgrade from the t0 prism. While having no decoys, this prisms uses the least amount of MP out of any other prism, making is good for teleporting frequently.

    Drops from Desire Troll at 0.002 (1/500)

    The Garb of Hopes and Dreams
    This piece of clothing is stored with those hopes and dreams of the enraged bunnies in the realm, the hope that they do not get injured. And the dreams that they do not get killed. They try their best in hope of defeating the evil travelers in the realm, but it almost always ends up in failure. Maybe one day, people will stop harming those peacefully bunnies. These dreams carry inside of this armor, and will bring good fortune.
    Stat Bonuses: +16 Defense, +7 Att, +4 Luck
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    What makes this item unique and balanced? It is the only leather armor that is capable of giving the player luck, alongside it being a very high attack armor. While doing that, it also gives the player some bulkiness with a high defense, but not the best.

    Drops from Swoll Fairy at 0.002 (1/500)

    Pendant of Sacred Preservation
    Connected with the skies, this necklace gives the energy to sustain the wearer and make them have powers that are unimaginable.
    Stat Bonuses: +80 HP, 5 Vit, -7 Defense
    Immune to Unstable
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    What makes this item unique and balanced? It gives a power that has not been seen before. Immunity. It's a difficult thing to play with though. Will it be OP? Will it be useless? There isn't that much to be said until we know. It will probably need some adjustments to the stats so its balanced for having such a good power.

    Drops from Spoiled Creampuff at 0.002 (1/500) (Might need tweaking)

    Well I hoped you enjoyed! A lot of new ideas I had that are pretty dumb and probably broken, but yay!

    Comment what you will,I know these ideas are crazy and the sprites are poor, but hey at least I tried! :3

    (PM if 8x8 are needed)

  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    I like it, 8/10 I think that the only thing I kind of dislike is maybe the dagger name? idk if its just me and also the armour sprite I don't know, it just reminds me of the iron protection, other than that I love this idea :D

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    Just thinking that the description for the armour is probably too long to actually be able to fit into the item box. Also, the sprite for the armor just looks like a re-coloured toad skin armor, but I still like it.
    Its nice that the ring gives immune to unstable and still is quite useful, but im not sure how easy that would be to code (ive never coded in my life so i have no idea)

  • I don't care

    @LagoonZz I just kept going on with the armor's description and didn't want to stop, I hope it can fit!

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    Shots ignore Walls

    WUT.. That's a new shit. Right there.

    Y no 7def 7att and 7luck - armor..
    Charizard plox.
    No? No.. Okay. ;(

    Immune to unstable.. - ring

    WUT.. That's a new shit. Right there.

    +1, i like it.

  • Really Good Players

    toad armor reskin :ok_hand:

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  • this is pretty fuckin neat. itd be cool to see those gay candy ass bosses drop something new too

    edit: is there a cooldown for the prism?

  • I haven't posted a lot so don't take me too seriously, but here are my thoughts:
    Dagger: I actually kind of like the sprite :) but the colors could use a little reworking I think :P The biggest thing is obviously shooting through walls. I get that damage was nerfed, but I feel like to incorporate something like that you would have to make the range shorter, since wouldn't it mean you could drag o3 and shoot him (or would this not shoot through the black area, simple 1 layer of 3 dimensional wall?)? It would be fun to use for some events and dungeons, though. I feel like it would be kind of cheating for the first part of shatters!
    Prism: I love the idea but I think the sprite could be reshaded so it appears more 3-dimensional like other prisms.
    Armor: I am afraid this seems straight overpowered. Att is a much-desired stat for dagger classes and you couple a rather large amount of that (more than any offensive boost on any other leather armor to my knowledge) with the def of leviathan armor? :/ And to top it off, more luck than any item in the 'lucky pally' set gives? I don't know about that. Maybe if the def was drastically lowered or lowered a little and att buff removed. The sprite is nice, and the shading isn't bad, but without a second color it seems a little off imo ;).
    Ring: Very interesting thought! I like that you didn't go with the standard: 'immune to debuffs' which is simply too overpowered for an item to have. This would make for a finally swap-able new ring. I agree, though, it might need some adjusting.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    dagger: 10/10
    prism: 8/10
    armor: 8/10
    ring: 6/10
    sprites: 3/10

    overall: 7/10

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    @loudman42069 your logic is flawed:
    10/10 + 8/10 + 8/10 + 6/10 = 32/40 = 8/10
    so overall it it 8/10 not 7.5/10

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Redo the prism sprite and its gucchi

  • your sprites look damp and not completed yet.
    btw 10/10 no add now.

  • Fame bonuses are too high for me nerf them to like 3%-4%

  • Kool Kiddos

    Ok lemme do a quick breakdown on each item

    Dagger - Its kind off an upgrade of the bone dagger, this will give the bone dagger absolutely no use. So nerf the damage a bit more

    Prism - Kinda dont like the idea of making other items useless, so instead of no ability, maybe add a different buff, like im thinking Armored?? This would really be cool on a trickster as it has to go up close, do this, and more players would want to play trickster. Just make a higher MP cost. Also possibly make it so that it removes all buffs, like puri just for a trickster, this prism will come in great handy, but if you could, make it like a cloak, we have WAY to many prisms.

    Armor - Im liking it, just maybe decrease the def by one so that it doesn't put Infected Armor to shame.

    Ring - I don't like the idea of rings giving you immunity to things, so maybe instead of that, make the stat bonus this? 100 HP (so it rivals that of Cap ring), 4 Vit, -4 Def, 4 Dex??

    Thats all folks!

  • Banned

    As for the sprites, they are kinda bland, with no real contrast between the purple and grey.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The prism doesn't have that dank dimensional shading.

  • Old Phags

    That desc tho.

  • I agree with DrVoorhees2.0, and the dagger shooting through walls isnt a good idea, as the trickster could tp to the opposite side of the wall in a wc, and easily kill him like that. 6/10. The prism only having 40 MP cost = a no no. 3/10. Leather is eh, as its pretty op, but very rare. 7/10. Ring is a bit underpowered, maybe more hp or less def taken away. 6/10. Now for the sprites:
    Dagger: 7/10, handle looks a bit messed up, but its okay, but the projectile doesnt look the best.
    Prism: 5/10, barely looks like a prism, and the color doesnt look the best either.
    Leather: 3/10, reskinned toad armor, with some parts of it missing
    Ring: 9/10, Looks very good, but some odd shading at some places
    Overall: 5.75/10.

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    Found u turtle

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    @Saddoge-New said in Trickster Set by Charizard:

    Found u turtle

    why did you say you found me

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    @TurtleBat said in Trickster Set by Charizard:

    @Saddoge-New said in Trickster Set by Charizard:

    Found u turtle

    why did you say you found me

    Sorry, thoughts are always on u. Meant pikachu

  • TurtleBats A Filthy Nigger/ChickenNugget

    I personally think that the armor is kinda too strong. It just has a HUGE atk bonus aswell as alot of luck. I think it could use a little bit of a nerf towards the atk and luck. Everything else is perfect though and the dagger is unique

  • +1 for new Cland itenz
    all of the ideas are good, but dont really fit into a set all together, ur stats are very weird and dont fit very well(+8vit +12def +80hp +7att +5luck) you start to go for defensive then add att and take away def with the ring. My advise is one of a not so wise-mostly trolly man: make the items as if they were only going to be used by themselves, not only with the rest of the set

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