July 2016

  • nilly:
    - New Nexus map. Thanks to Wizardism for map.
    - New Maze map addition. Thanks to Dakoolademan.
    - Spectacles package added. Ends 8-1-16.
    - Updated Acursed Bowman sprite sheet. (Sprite provided by Cultist aka Turtlebat)
    - Sky Guardian set now ST. (won't drop via tier loot drop now)
    - Wavebreaker now drops in soulbound bag.
    - Wine Cellar Incantation loot drop % reduced to 1/1000 everywhere it dropped previously.
    nilly (thanks to MrSott for gathering up content suggestions for me):
    - Added Gladius of Hell's Forge. Drops from Abyss Idol (.003)
    - Added Heavenly Hammer (War Hammer reskin). Drops from Bella (.00125). Sprite by Food.
    - Warhammer drop rate reduced to .00125.
    - Captain America Armor sprite update. Submitted by TurtleBat.
    - Added Unholy Wand. Drops from Bedlam (.0003 <- gl). By Turtlebat/Pringle
    - Added Acursed Bowman skin (selectable). Skin by Turtlebat.
    - Added Sky Guardian set: Tremor Staff (T14 reskin), Hymn of the Sky (T6 reskin), Robe of Storms (T15 reskin), The Frozen Compass (Gauntlet of Mayhem reskin). All drop from O4 except the Compass. Compass drops from Oryx Stone Guardian. Credits: MrSott. Mudkipis for the ring sprite.
    - Added Wavebreaker. Drops from Sea Mare (.001). Item & sprite submitted by Reshirammmn.
    - /cleargraves now clears all graves within the vicinity of the issuer (admin :3).
    - Megaman and Kid item update. Updated sprites for Mega Blaster, Kid Cape, ZSaber, and ZSaber projectile (Mega Blaster projectile wasn't updated :3). Added weapon sound to mega blaster. Increased mega blaster fire rate to 125%. Sprites by Turtlebat.
    - Player skin updates properly with set skins now.
    - Lab set (Steel Shocker, Short Circuit, Iron Protection, and The Reactor) now has an associated set skin. Skin by Bloodqwen.
    - Updated Oryx Sleeping message to make it more relevant to this site.
    - Items dropped on the ground from gift chests now properly remove the item from the gift chest. (dupe fix)
    - Added admin server functionality.
    - Packet read errors now disconnect the player.
    - Account locks changed a bit. No more deleting of locks on server startup. Drastically reduced server reboot time.
    - Oryx's Arena gravestone added. Idea by Bloodqwen.
    - A silent spam filter implemented.
    - bella drops vit now.
    - OA has been removed till it gets reworked.
    - Show username instead of email in main screen.
    - Mention /nexus usage in full server message.
    - Hotkey to toggle ally projectiles.
    - Removed unused registration fields.
    - Rework of ban commands (fixed bugs and added notifications).
    - Reworked muting. Players will now be properly unmuted even if server crashed.

  • Banned

    first kek.

    Anyways, gj as usual

    I especially like the username instead of e-mail, I won't need to blur it anymore!

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    do you never get a verification mail? it seems kind of necessary. Also, why was the queue removed?

  • yay good to see these updates :slight_smile: keep up the good work @NR-Staff :thumbsup:

  • @jhuiNillysRealm said in July 2016:

    do you never get a verification mail? it seems kind of necessary. Also, why was the queue removed?

    We don't verify emails. If a user wants to use a bogus one, we are fine with that, just don't forget password. Anyways, email change feature is coming so if you screw up, it can be repaired.

  • Btw, you can view your login email by clicking on the account button on the main screen.

  • I want to die

    when is name changer being revamped

  • Lolicons

    Some great updates here.

  • Banned

    I don't like the removal of queue, honestly. I always spend more than an hour the server full thing, and now with all the noobs with the windows open, I'll never be able to complete the ninja set thing

  • Where does it say that there is no ore queue? im probably dumb, but i dont do coding.

  • Awesome job, again, nilly.

  • @CEOofdeath queue wasn't removed. I'm guessing you had trouble connected because you're were trying to with an outdated client. I'm sure the problem is resolved for you now.

  • Infamous Forumers

    good job, looking foward to this update

  • cucks who play osu

    ayy ty pappa @Knorrex now I dont have to edit out my e-mail when I do videos n shit... Now I can be even more lazy

  • Banned

    ty nilly

  • Really Good Players

    good job but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u ban me reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • @Grizzley idk, because someone said to ban you in discord. I was feeling a bit spicy. Anyways, you got boshy gun owners banned for the weekend. Be happy, you get to join them. :3

  • Really Good Players

    @nilly WAIT REALLY LOL

  • Updated.

  • I don't care



  • Wiki Editor

    Oh hurrah @Charizard's idea is now up now lol.

    And that OA nuke.... lol.

    [edit] Shit, Charizard sniped me.

  • Best update so far!
    Finally OA got removed! :3

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    @Paqc well removed till it gets reworked

  • I don't care



  • Donor

    Looks like the oa removal failed... It's down by the portals now lel
    Or is that just some kind of fake?

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