realm arena, help with sprites

  • its a bit hard to add all existing realm sprites into my game
    so i whould ask to create them for me..
    if you send me existing sprites, add them 8x8 or 32x32 (normal 8x8 sprites with outline)
    and if the sprite (like pirate , slimegod etc.) got animations
    do it like this
    and for every new animation option , add another sprite space
    2 8x8 sprites = 16X x 8Y

    so .. after i explained this
    im gonna tell you another thing.. im not ready to accept new items yet
    but i can accept them after i compleated the following
    added some enemys and bosses (around 40)
    added every stat
    added inv system
    added loot system
    added every (important) existing item (like i wont add the stringstick)
    be4re you send me new items, ima compleate the existing ones

    im accepting 8x8/32x32 sprites to copy and download
    or dropbox/mediafire downloads (.png,.jpg,.bmp or only)

    so after all.. for now: only existing sprites or new sprites based on requests in the list below.

    thx for helping

    list of needed sprites
    arena background (size= 64x64/128x128) remember that i wont accept pixelart or single tiles here
    costum curser (size= 32/32/64x64)
    astral spirit class sprites
    ( size= 8x8/16x16
    subimages: top / down / left / right / "shooting up/down/left/right 2 pics for each of them"
    walking up 1,2 walking down 1,2 walking left 1 and walking right 1 =18 subimages)

    rewards: nothing exept that you help me releasing the game faster

    if you still want to play the current test version... then you just send me a PM in the forum
    and i will give you a download.

    you can also check out the devlog here
    to see the current progress

  • bumperoni

  • bumperino

  • make a game about the game - stupid.
    It will not be anywhere to release officially.

  • @BLOODQWEN "its a fangame" i mostly do it to test my items out or just for fun...
    and also it helps me alot learning GM

    won't release it to public (exept someone puts the link anywhere)

    it will be compleatly free aswell (kinda like a hidden flash game or something)
    idc if someone gets codes from it and mods the game or sells it (wont prob happen anyways)
    just making this for fun

  • @Icadragon k

  • added new "thing" to the list of needed sprites
    remember that the project will be compleatly free and i whould love to see anyone helping me <3
    im woking on it 4 hours a day and 3 hours on weekend... so ... thats some thrown time right there...
    but in my opion it doesnt rly matter cause i know that some ppl whould play it ....

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