Starting in Nilly's Realm

  • I'm new to Nilly's Realm, so

    • What do I need to know?

    • What class should I choose?

    • Anything else idk

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    priest and beg doge for free nudes

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    @Hermes one quick bit of advice - never use your nexus hotkey button. If you are ingame and want to go to nexus, type /nexus into the chat and it will take you to the nexus.
    Using your nexus hotkey will take you straight back to the end of the queue (unless you are a donator, but since you are new I doubt that)

  • @Saddoge-New I've played prod, priest is terrible. beg me for nudes ;)

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    @Hermes said in Starting in Nilly's Realm:

    @Saddoge-New I've played prod, priest is terrible. beg me for nudes ;)

    Prod = warrior needed for dps

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    @Hermes priest may be terrible on prod, but theyre great for survival on nillys since there are no pets.
    You can use /mscale 0.75 (what i normally use) to make the map smaller so that you can see more enemies, which can make the priest an actual tank
    EDIT: as mentioned, the loot threshhold is extremely low, meaning that the wand is ideal for getting loot as it can peirce enemies, has long range, and is good for looting as it is a survival based character

  • @LagoonZz @Saddoge-New I just got in on an archer, oops

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    This thing is REALLY long. But.. eeh..
    Read it plz xD
    Welcome to Nilly's realm.


    Welcome to NR, game, where lag kills players. And they are salty as hell..
    Bunch of crybabies lol, i didn't say that.
    Game, where you can't deal dmg higher than 50% (in groups), cuz your loot will be ruined..
    Also getting white with priest, using T0 wand is very common, so plz, dun spam.
    Begging is the worst thing you can see..
    Marketplace - the only zone, where beggers live 24/7..

    Welcome to forums, page, where shit happens. And WE'RE salty as fuck.
    You can make items, enemies, dungeons etc. right here.
    But items aren't good enough (mostly), so your chance is lower than 10%.
    Also don't be 2 serious here.. Atleast in Whine Cellar. WC is for Sarcasm only.

    And now, reposting some gud shit. (lol, yes, do long posts) - use this for sick commands

    • Never teleport to light blue star calling jeebs or rare dungeons
    • Wanna sell something? Ask for price.. Selling Hellfire robe for 2k is a dumb move.
    • Don't beg for fame or items. People will ignore you, and you can be muted.
    • And don't do things like Wales did. 0_1466335993137_getbanned lol.png
    • Also loot system is changed. Getting white with priest using T0 wand? Please, don't spam in chat.
    • Making new thread? Please, read rules.
    • Shitposting, spamming, necrobumping.... Is banable.

    Every class here is somehow cool.
    Priest is is GREAT.
    Best are characters with AoE (Best is wizzy and assassin)

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    @Hermes archers are good but the ut's like cbow and dbow are expensive so it takes a while to get it really good
    My fall-to char is a wizzy because I love how op they are, but its just personal preference.

  • You don't HAVE to be priest. Choose your favorite class. Introduce yourself to NR first, worry about loot later.

    EDIT: Also, a helpful thread to get you into the forum well-prepared:

  • what do you need to know:
    waiting in queue sucks so you better dont die often. usefull commands:
    /nexus /sa /marketplace /realm /gland /mscale 0.90 0.50 (zooms out your screen so you can see more). marketplace is everything added by players using /market 1-16. 1-8 for inv slots 9 is first backpack slot and so on and then typing in price. (/market 1 1) abilities are usually overpriced like some other stuff. dont bother selling items below t9.
    oh and also get used to random laggspikes teleporting djinn and stuff on top of you (not always but it can happen also bes in tomb always laggs at certain spot)

    class- anything you like. you can get loot with any weapon. even t0. (dont start with melee/dagger classes or ninja)

    anything else? dont beg and enjoy game. read wiki here to find out about custom dungeons/items.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Step 1 shoot
    Step 2 get loot
    Step 3 did
    Step 4 repeat

  • @Hermes ur not new

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    What do you need to know...

    • Fame is the main currency in the game, no gold, or pets either.
      *There's a marketplace where people can buy and sell stuff for fame, you can make easy fame by just farming God lands and selling pots
      *Easiest way to max is by farming God lands to 3/8 then just selling the rest of the pots you get from God lands and then buying other pots with the fame you get (you can also do events, they give easy pots. Especially penterracts)
      *Don't do abbys, they're a waste of time and can easily kill you if you aren't careful.

    Best class to start out with IMO is wizard, it's the best to farm.

    EDIT: Use /Nexus to go to Nexus, using your hotkey will put you back in queue. You can also use another program to make /Nexus assigned to a hotkey, so you can still press a button to get away quickly

  • @LagoonZz the server is not working :cry: can you tell me why? Its says unable to connect to server fir like 3 hours already :(.

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    @TeamEdgeMA Read the forums rules boi

  • @DrVoorhees2.0 Sorry where is that?

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