Rotmg arena thread (rotmg fangame)

  • how some of you already know... im currently working on a game called Realm Arena.
    Realm arena is a rotmg based fangame for all the cancerous ppl on NR

    remember that i will likely change the name in the next days (alot?)


    im making the project for fun and for the ppl who spend much time in queue and wan't something to do.
    also another reason why is cause NR is being worked low to nothing
    ( or at least thats how i think about it)
    the donor system can't srsly take 14 months , cause thats the time that i need for a full game XD
    so i made a little race : will i finish first to get a good game with much content or will the next NR dungeon be finished? (or the donor system)

    i know that NR is serverbased... but it cant rly that hard to add something in 4 months.....

    im working on the game ... Starting compleately new! means that i have more freedom about stats and stuff. but also means that i have to rebalance stats cause its singleplayer (buff priest in att etc.)
    and as programm i use game maker studio cuz its easy and has everything i need for the game itself.
    sprites are redrawn , means they look like kinda original but theyre not exactly original.
    (i dont have permission for using these sprites if you ask me :' ( )
    thats about it.


    i will try to release the first "playable" version in about a month
    you can help me in the Realms arena sprite help thread
    but if you still wan't an unplayeble version of it, pm me on the forum and i will send a download link
    (also ... the game will be compleatly free and playable for windows only (i guess) )
    you can always watch my progress in the dev diary if you want

    4.about ideas?

    first of all: i won't add existing NR items (exept you are the creator of it and ask me to add it in)

    i can add more effects in the game than NR cause its easy to remove if OP and i can add more stuff in general.. some examples:

    a weapon that shoots bouncing shots
    a weapon that shoots exploding shots
    an armor that makes you imune to bomb shots
    a ring that makes you imune to slow

    if you have an item idea to you can always post it here
    (but don't flood cuz i whould not be able to read everything)
    but you have to accept that i still have problems with adding amplitude / frequency XD

    ( i will accept ideas unlike the NR 1:1000 itemadd rate)

    5.about changes

    the game will look different in general
    and the whole game will be an arena fight (like solo arena)
    stats will be rebalanced thanks to the fact that this game is singleplayer
    and a new class will be added (astral soul)
    and AI changes cannot be avoided aswell cause idk how to add them 1:1
    but i will try to make it close enough

    and the last thing : controls
    you won't be able to use costum controls
    i will take mine as standart

    w,a,s,d= move
    c = mp pot
    f = hp pot
    1-8 = switch inv items (need to hold mouse over a slot)
    left mouse = shoot
    space = use abil item
    t = escape to "nexus?" (there is no nexus)

    many more changes that i will not list here aswell ;D

    feel free to write your thoughts below

    and i feel kinda bad for posting 3 threads for one topic
    sorry for that.

    (im also sorry for "not woking" on some of my other projects but ... yeaaaa )

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