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  • @ImPotato

    lets start with noobs

    noob running around trading random rich people saying "fri itens pls"
    noob selling bella "ut's" for my REAL uts one kid was "overpaying" for my pyra and he had 2 bella swords
    taiwanOne going around spamming a question about noobs and making fun of noob but he dies in a OA bc he was typing about how dumb noobs are or smthing
    noobs think thatwhen u talk with the /l command (aka the text in purple) means your a admin
    asks what jeebs instead of actually doing the jeebs to figure out
    they run into OA phoenix wrights bc they think its dropping backpacks

    Normal people:

    OA medusa swarm , chicken oryx, and gigacorn are rips
    Anything that refers to jeebs means there is a dungeon opening or a event and will tp
    says white bag hoping to seek attention with a million trades
    says they got something when they got 0 bc they don't wanna look bad
    talks bs about people for some stupid reason
    opens tomb with many 8/8 no one rushes
    talks shit about lava maps in Oa but they don't leave
    say nilly raised wc top drop rates to get kids to do o3
    says thesal in jeebs for the lols
    goes on queue and finally in, 2 secs later dc

    Good players:
    not very interactive with the normal/noobs
    they are very silent in a way
    try to sell their donar accout for ridiculous prices when they only payed like 2 bucks
    youtubers are praised (ex: oxygen , protimes etc...)

    spamming link to their godmode hack but its actually adware/spyware
    duping for fame to destroy economy
    they want to kill peoples

    admin: they try their hardest!! but then we see shadyman stacking firebombs and spawning megamans and boshys everywhere
    rip moloch

  • I think you forgot one but the people who say OMG I WAITED 30 MINUTES TO GET IN.

  • @ImPotato basically the same as the queue dc part

  • You forgot to add the noobs that think they can go classifying other noobs like in this post.

  • @Elevict kek everyone is a noob just in a wide scale of skill. I would place myself in the normal section

  • im lordsaitan lmao someone actaully took a pic

  • @lordsaitan kek my friend redwillows took it

  • Being noob is good. You die a lot, but that makes you realise that you haven't "finished" this game. And when you "finish" the game, it gets boring.

  • @leljump jheeze thats sick how he upload? from comp or phone? and how u get reputation i see people with 40-10 at the side

  • so many people in that one jeebs didnt believe there was rollback and said theres nothing on forum and that doesnt mean anything lmao person got ogmur on npe knight rip and i told him that white bag u got is going away and he called me D***

  • @Vasya theres always progress in the game, its just nobody know what progress is once they have no goals. like you could literally have a goal to get 1000000 fame on a character whch would take a long time meaning you haven't finished the game. people finish the game because they get bored. the game literally has no limits.

  • @Vasya and yes I understand, from being noob, you lean from your mistakes and try to avoid them. that's whats so great about this game. and again in this game, you can have two similar characters but you'll never have the same because if your first good character died (lets say prod tops and 6/8 warrior) even if you made that same exact 6/8 warrior, now you have knowledge of how not to kill your character. But I would say ive played enough to understand that I'm not that much of a noob.

  • my goal right now is to make it to leaderboard and get every white bag thats going to take about a 7months or so but i have all day to play realm :D iv already gotten queen head card armor boomarang just recently got hellfire pyra noble uh dagg nile sphinx reactor shockers infect skin that ivis prism from lab bbath shaitans head gyges vestment ep planewalker monk a.s.s gautlett of mayhem the 130 hp mad lab robe cbow like 8 times in under 2 weeks lmao that was funny bracer but it ripped it to rollback :( that happened months ago invis dagger cap armor twice on same day i dont remember any more whites that i got under 4 weeks lmao insanity staff cap seal seal of the creed pizza armor climbing staff blood legacy pizza armor so many people think im noob because im red star OMG i forgot i got plauge poison on first cem last boss loot was npe as well i was ........ bruhhh i was 1 star away from orange :/ ripped to queen in private jeebs guild had ubhp plauge bbath bent dagger infect skin and plague ffs

  • Trading Moderators

    Some experienced players still try to interact with newbies .-.

    @leljump for your question 2 posts down, I can't really list them all since I'm on my phone. I recently watched mitsudomoe though, it's a comedy which I found enjoyable. (no separate post since I don't want to derail, you should just pm instead :p )

  • @Wizardism aka you lmao enter is nice turtlebat and stuff is nice too but some are straight savage haters

  • @Wizardism btw what animes do you watch or what mangas do you read

  • Most of the orange-white star players are nice but the blue and red star players tend to call light blue star players noob because of their color. Funny thing is there are light blue stars better than the both of them combined XD

  • lmao true happens . I got hacekd on iwlijump so I'm playing on lil light blu leljump and jeez people call me noob when they are 0/8 and I have a 6/8 assassin with pyra infected foul and nightwing (sadly ded with 1.5k total)

  • @leljump lmao when i saw the screenshot of oa i was like "hey i was in that oa too" then i realized the poster was leljump and that was my screenshot

  • im in david guild lmao enter dissed me so hard necro shtty dps i was dieing of laughter my necro right now is 7/8 but i think thats rip because of rollback and all the mana i got from ots to pot him he gear right now hellfire queen climbing staff UH staff and pyra rip i had 900 base fame ... i had oa head on me :/.... from jeebs....

  • It's a little late to be talking about Shady spawning firebombs, isn't it? He hasn't been on the forums in two months

  • noobs forever talkign sht especailly high star players who arent even that good im red star 1 more star until orange and i only started a month ago and im super wavy at this game i die alot probably seen my name a couple of times


    Little scrubs who try scamming you out of speed pots.
    Honestly the guy waited twenty seconds after I selected it before he selected.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Im not good at game

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