Lost of Items

  • During the last few disconnection I was in public arena with a lot of people and we manage to get up to wave 30+. I got asylum key, shaitans, 30 minute loot drop potion. And I accidentally bought a Moloch's Bammer weed plants for around 400-500 fame cause I didn't see the price. It was just a few hours ago then then I come back to play Nilly's Realm again about 30 minutes ago and it says that the game is offline. So I waited and it worked but when I got in I notice something was off. I had lost all the items I mentioned. I'm sure I have lost them because If I had sold them I would of had around 1.5k fame by now but instead I only have 500. Please do something about this. I never even used the keys or loot drop potions either because if I did I would've seen it. Thanks for Reading my pots

  • The Love shack


  • @Fred Ohh yes what?

  • The Love shack

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