How to INSTANTLY teleport to nexus / vault / realm / marketplace !

  • To install this script you will need AUTOHOTKEY
    How to install AutoHotkey
    1- Go to , and click "Download"
    2-Then just launch and install , simple.

    How to install the script
    1- VERY IMPORTANT - First of all , bind chat on "T" , and unbind the nexus button , or just bind it on a button you don't use !
    2- Go to your desktop and create an text file.
    3- Insert the following -

    r:: SendInput t/nexus{Enter}

    l:: SendInput t/VAULT{Enter}

    k:: SendInput t/REALM{Enter}

    j:: SendInput t/MARKETPLACE{Enter}

    ]:: Suspend

    4-Save it as "script.ahk"
    5- Open it and play safe :badminton:

    r- Nexus
    l- Go to Vault
    k- Go to Realm
    j- Go to marketplace

    ]- Suspends all the hotkeys , so you can chat :+1:


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    @Dimulcu k i will kms

  • Lovecraft

    @Dimulcu pls then no one can enter the game now thanks to queue pls dont do this

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    Buy Connect it Alien or Battle.
    Or anything else with these cursed G keys.

    Look, 3+2 macro sets and macro keys.

    Set your macro.

    Set your G keys.

    Having a bad time? R4p* (or slam) those G keys
    Enjoy. :+1:

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