Is there such a thing as an Email/Username Change?

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    The title says it all.
    I am wondering for

    1. an email change
    2. a username change
      so i can get rid of my account without having to give away my only used username and email..

    (this is for in game btw)
    thanks anyways even if it cannot work out.

  • @Ninjaidyn it's not there yet. Somewhere nilly said he is working on it. (atleast he was on email change)

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    Idk about email, but I do know about username. In the nexus, there is a gold set of armor and if you walk on it, it says "Change Nickname" and you have to pay 1000 gold to msellers

  • Quite Unusual :3

    @obamabin alright then, thanks for the notice. i'll guess i'll hold my account till then

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    Nilly's working on email change and name change will be for fame. Don't worry. ^^

  • Just use usernames like UseElectroBall :3
    Just create fake emails for any games u can, if u can't, then... eh, just pm nilly.

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    hopefully soon

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    @Wiz00012345 Fake emails aren't really a good idea, since some idiots make a password which they simply forget, later they get logged out for no reason and can't access their account anymore. I don't recommend disposable emails either, there's... reasons which I'd rather not point out for people to know. Just making a new email account takes like 5 mins, and it's a lot better for security/account recovery.

    Yeah I know this was a bit off-topic, but I had to say it.

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