So i need help to get into my new nilly's realm account...

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    I made a new account with the name IOnlyNPE and I put in what I thought was the email and password but it wasn't it apparently, so I tried other emails/passwords that i might of put in as I created it but none of them worked. The next thing I did was try to make new accounts with emails and I might've used to see if the email was taken to retrieve and make a new password but none of my real emails were used so that can only mean i messed up with the email part not the password. Since on Nilly's Realm you can create a new account with literally anything you put in to make one (Ex. [email protected]) and it'll create a new account, so what i was wondering is if Nilly or any of the mods can please retrieve the account for me, I'm not trying to steal someone's account I know what the account has though, 1 star 1 wizard with yuletide t2 spell t9 robe and a t1 hp ring equipped with a spd ring in the inv i believe, i hadn't died yet so there should be no fame, and since I planned on NPE'ing only i didnt bother putting anything in the vault. So if Nilly or any mod can help me out and retrieve it for me. Thank you if you read this.

  • when did you make the account? There was a rollback yesterday, so unless the account is over 2 days old there is a chance it got deleted and you will have to remake it.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @NVR_nilly's I just made it yesterday and played on it for like 3 hours. I also just got what you meant because i filled up my char slots yesterday and need to refill them so ty for the response it helped me realize what happened.

  • Alright, so yesterday when the rollback had yet to occur everyone basically made new accounts, but now that the rollback has occurred you should be able to log into your original account. By original account I mean the first email and password you have used within nilly's realm, unless you joined within the rollback time- then that would mean it probably got deleted.

  • @Manlymanly2 you're welcome <3

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