Best set for knight?

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    What is the best set for knight?


    cap ogmur resu cap ring OR pixie if u prefer

  • all depends on waht orientation you want me personally i got with shaylalee ogmur resu and a hp ring

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    i like the corpse more as a armorr bcs it gives me a lot of security

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    When the Log set is complete is one of the best sets in game, it gives a nice bonus. Not only to defense but to attack as well. look it up in the Wiki.

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    A cheap set for knight is to just use what you would use in prod. For example, acclaim, colo/ogmur(if you're rich enough), acrop, and expo/pyra/anything you want.

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    Well, the Ent Man set isn't really THE best set, but it is sure a unique one. I can surely edit the wiki in my own power, but as the work on the set rn is from poor shadyman and I don't feel well to correct it.

    As of the Ent Man set, it more or less a mumbo-jumbo set, focusing on a hit-and-run tactic with the weapon while the extensive defensive properties soothe off the wounds through a good defense, HP boost and high VIT properties. But even through the high defense properties and the hit-and-run tactic, it is still not a great set despite insta-slamming enemies.

    So... let's bring it down (without the shady cursing this set to death):

    Sword: Unless a Knight really wants to hit harder with their shields (yes, their shields are affected by ATK), there is a high-risk/high-reward with higher DPS for slower shot/projectile speeds in which Knights are in dire need of DPS unless they really want to look at something else. However, this proves much better than the booty against higher DEF targets.

    Shield: Through the Ent Set, this NEARLY rises to the point where it may match a top-tiered shield due to a +19 ATK boost, which is alot. Through a high range, low[er] MP cost and mediocre DMG (around a T4 but with 10 less MP), it can prove a powerful secondary shield.

    Armor: Flat out horrible on Knight, but can work with Paladin or Warrior, although mostly Warriors. A powerful alternative to Cap Armor if they'd like more DEF power in exchange of being more "stiff" (DEX/SPD penalties)

    Ring: Erm.... no. Good starter ring, but there are better alternatives later on. Sure, makes you feel like a tree regenerating fast, but... there are better alternatives in general.

    So... the REAL best set?

    If you're being a cheap one, full tops are suitable. All function well (although the DEF cap would make Acrop pointless (that's why knights go for other armors with lower DEF/more HP))

    If you're being "meh" like I do half the time, I add in a pixie and replace Acrop with either a Magma or Fairy Plate, and the ring with a Pyra or Pizza Ring. This way, I get an al round boost through offense, defense, and all round support from speed.

    If you want to be OP AF, Pixie/Cap, Ogmur/Colo, Cap/Card, and rings can vary from Crown to UBHP but try to shy off from rings providing DEF.

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    Alright tnx but for armors i took resu

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