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  • So I thought about an idea to make guilds...have a bigger purpose, to make them a bigger part for the gaming experience here for the players in nillys. I come from a game (Multi Theft Auto, SAES:RP server) where guilds took a huge part for the players. You could create a gang, squad or company, and work em up to one of the best. And how it worked was like this. There were Guild Managers, choosed by the server founders, who watch over the guilds ingame, how they are doing, how much presence they show, if they behave good or bad and other things.

    Alright, when the guild manager felt ready, he opened the guild level applications, where guilds could apply to gain levels for their guild. Lets say for example there are 4 levels, level 4 is the max level can reach. Of course if you apply, your guild have to fit the requirements as well.

    Here is an EXAMPLE how the Level 1 requirements would look:


    • Must have 1 founder and 1 leader.
    • Must have at least 10 active red star or above members in guild that got accepted via application. (Including founder and leader)
    • Your guild must have been actively on the server for at least 2 months.
    • Must have a guild topic with information about the guild and with a proper recruitment system, requirements and guild rules.
    • Must have an activity topic. (Means a topic where members of your guild post screens/vids of your guild activitys.)
    • Must have at least 30k guild fame.
    • Must be prepared to pay 10k fame to a guild manager as level acceptance.

    Note: Must have be at least red stars to avoid random invatations of light blues or dark blues to fit the req.
    Note 2: Must have at least been around for 2 months to avoid people making a quick guild thats been around for a day for example.
    Note 3: Must have a proper recruitment system to avoind random invitation.


    As you guys see, it would be very hard to gain a guild level, but thats the purpose. People should work hard to deserve guild levels.

    If a guild for example meet the requirements, the guild can apply, IF the guild applications are opened, which will be opened once in a month or so, to avoid applications everyday.

    So there will be another section in the guild section, only for guild applications. Guilds will make a new topic with the guild application format they will have to use. The guild application would look for EXAMPLE something like this:


    • Guild Name:
    • Guild Founder:
    • How many members?:
    • When was the guild founded:
    • How much guild fame your guild has? (Screen of guild fame):
    • Why do you think you deserve to be a level 1 guild (at least 100 letters):
    • Screens of guild activitys your guild has done:
    • Link to the Guild Topic:
    • Link to the Guild Activity Topic:

    After the applications are sent by the guilds, the guild manager or multiple guild managers will look over the applications, and will talk about how the guilds were doing, for example how their activity was, if they showed enough presence ingame, if they got any bad reports or if they did good the past time. Everything will be considered to the final decision.

    There will be like a 2 day window to apply for your guild, after the guild applications are closed, the guild managers will give themselves for example two weeks time for their decisions. If they think they are ready to give their decisions, they will open a topic with the title for example "Guild Application Results October 2016" and the decisions will be written down in that topic.

    Guilds can be denied for a reason or multiple reasons for example like too less ingame activity or guild activitys, too many rule brakes from the guild and so on. They can also get pending, which means, that the guild managers arent sure if they should accept or deny the guild, and they will give them another two weeks time to prove themselves After the two weeks they will give their decisions to the pendings. And then there are the accepted ones. Of course, the accepted ones will get rewards. Here are just some EXAMPLES what the rewards are when reaching guild level one.


    • Guild topic will get pinned in the Guild section.
    • Guild gets a donor ranked guild account.


    Of course, all these are examples. When reached level 1 as a guild, there would be 3 more to go. Of course, by each level the requirements are raised. Here a example for level two requirements:


    • Must have 1 founder, 1 leader and 2 officers.
    • Must have at least 25 active red star or above members in guild that got accepted via application. (Including founder, leader and officers)
    • Your guild must have been actively on the server for at least 5 months.
    • Guild Hall must have been upgraded twice.
    • Must have a guild topic with information about the guild and with a proper recruitment system, requirements and guild rules.
    • Must have an activity topic. (Means a topic where members of your guild post screens of your guild activitys.)
    • Must have at least 70k guild fame.
    • Must be prepared to pay 25k fame to a guild manager as level acceptance.


    Of course the reqs were raised and got alot harder. And that will be for every level, it gets harder and harder to gain levels. After the requirements are met, guilds can apply once again, when the guild applications are open of course. Everything will be decided the same just like with the level 1 application. When accepted, of couse you get more rewards. Here some examples:


    • Guild can choose an unique glow for all their members (Only glow, no colored name)
    • Guild gets own forum section IN the guild section, that is pinned.


    And so on and so on. Luckily, this idea takes little to no coding, which even makes it easier to realise. It will give a new touch to nillys, will give more reasons to play for, will make people get more active on the forums, and so many other things. It will give a completely new purpose for guilds. I know that nilly would have to make a new group on the forums, "Guild Manager", but I think this wouldnt be a problem as well, as there are more than enough trusted members here on nillys that would do such an job. Also, admins and mods would have more to do, of course if they would want to do it. As mentioned once, I come from a game where such guilds take a big part in the gaming experience, here is where I got this idea from: (Yeah you got to sign in to see it, if you want to see it of course lol.)

    I really hope this idea will get considered, because as above stated, it will give people so much more to do here on this server, of course, if people want to. It would make guilds more fun to be a part of, because you would have to work with your guild members and such things.

    Please everyone, tell me what you think about this idea.

    Lure tags :) : @davidri @Creeper @Divine @Gronda @Xyn-AznDoctor @Boyka @nilly @Moloch @Knorrex @DrWhen @Wizardism

  • @hoe for guild manager !!!

  • why did you tag davidri

  • @Cultist cuz he founder of lolicons and we talked about this idea

  • @Hoe said in Guild Levels Suggestion:

    @Cultist cuz he founder of lolicons and we talked about this idea

    why didnt you tag wackyleo, or metronome members tho :^( seems like this would be a good idea for them
    EDIT 1: Knorrex doesnt count as a metronome memer cus he's an admin

  • @Cultist dont know their forum names, tag em if you want to, btw, what do you think of this :D

  • @Hoe said in Guild Levels Suggestion:

    @Cultist dont know their forum names, tag em if you want to, btw, what do you think of this :D

    I think it'd be a pretty alright idea
    but it would also be a pain in the ass to code, aswell as manage

  • @Cultist There is little to no coding needed here. only think were coding would be needed is guild glowing, which was just an example as well, feel me. All that is needed are people ready to do the guild managing stuff, and nilly to confirm this :D

  • Famous Forumers

    love it <3 <3

  • I like it all except the star rank thing.

  • The Love shack

    Love it, all the wayyy

  • Wiki Editor

    Lookin' good @Hoe!

  • The Love shack

    How does the donor ranked guild account work?

  • OOF

    Add this +1

  • Banned

    Dang, this looks nice. +1

    Not sure about the guild donor acc though.

  • Donor

    10/10 no add

  • Banned

    @G_G_PvP What kind of beef do you have with GQ?

  • Donor

    @DrVoorhees2-0 i would say, but i'm sure Hoe would start being a faggot like usual

  • Banned

    @G_G_PvP PM me bruh

  • Everlasting Destiny

    I like the idea, i've also felt there needed to be more purpose for guilds as well. But there are some things I don't agree on...

    I don't think we need to make it a requirement for guilds to have a 'activity topic', nor a 'guild topic'. I feel like that should be used as a method to attract more people to the guild, it wouldn't really make any sense to make it a requirement for players to publicize their guild.

    For the Level 1 Guild Rewards, what do you mean by "Guild gets a donor ranked guild account"? Is that just a normal donor account or something different? If it is a normal donor account, than I don't agree with that either, getting a donor account shouldn't be a attainable advantage through playing the game.

    Also overall I feel like the prizes aren't as rewarding enough for the length of requirements you're giving the guild. I feel like there should be more, it just dousin't feel good enough to strive for.

    That's my opinion on it. Other than that I love the idea :D

  • @ImPotato The star rank is so that people dont just random invite light blues or dark blues in the guild, feel me. I mean if that req wouldnt exist to have 15 active red members, i could just go around and random invite scrubs that just joined yesterday or some shit.

    @Fred So you get a guild account. means you could put guild property in there, your members could donate to that acc like fame or so. The founder gets the acc of course, and he can decide afterwards to who he gives acces to to that acc (for example leaders, offiers, trusted members). For example you and your guild did some dungeons, and they want to donate they can do it to the guild acc, then of course you gonna sell the donations. The fame you will get with that you can use for more hostings, see it like a Guild Bank, where the leaders and officers can take fame out of to host. The account is not for playing or something, its just a fame bank of the guild. Yeah you could just make a new acc but....queue, thats why i thought would be a nice reward since it would get donor too.

    @TheDivineHero A guild topic is actually a have to. Firstly, the existance of the guild will count from when the guild topic was created, because I could just create a guild and pretend I had it for 5 months now. Also, without a topic with a proper recruitment system, I could just random invite everyone, Guild Managers would need to see that a guild got all their players in a legit way, and not just like "hey wana join m8 to fill reqs u kn0" or something like that. And thats the sense of this idea, to make your guild a known name, to work with your members to get your guild anywhere. I mean if you dont want to you can still run a guild like before. And the activity topic is a have to as well, because for example guild managers cant be online 24/7, so after your guild applied, they can check the activity topic what your guild has done the past weeks. Without a guild topic and activity topic, you would have to guess as a guild manager if the guild that applied says the truth or not. Thats why these topics are needed, to make things easier.

  • wow , such star racism

  • @Icadragon Read what I wrote to ImPotato or the topic ;D

  • BUMB, @nilly your opinion on this ;(

  • Please any Idea-staff or something say somthing if its at least looked at or considered or something ;(

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