New wand! Please give it a fair opinion!

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    Name : Staff of the asylum.
    Description: This wand was forged in the deepest darkest place of the mental asylum...
    -Shots- 1
    -Damage- 120-150 (Average 125)
    -Projectile Speed- 20
    -Lifetime- .5 Seconds
    -Range- 7.5
    -Amplitude- 0
    -Frequency- 0 (No clue what these are :/ google doesnt help xD ^^^^^^^ )
    Stat Bonuses +3 def -10hp - 10mp -5dex
    Rate of Fire 75%
    Effect Shots pass through obstacles
    Shots hit multiple targets
    Fame Bonus 5%
    0_1467838071099_NewWand.PNG 0_1467838077256_NewWandBullet.PNG
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This item might have a chance (if its put into the game) to be the best wand. However, it does have some negative stats, It does 120-150 damage but it has a low rate of fire and -5 dex -10hp and -10mp. It passes through obstacles and hits multiple targets which might make it OP but, we do not have any OP wands except for pristine which is very expensive (wait jk I forgot about the wipe thats coming) Extremly Expensive, but I think its balanced because of the 75% rate of fire and the negative stats.
    It could also be a swap out between pristine.

    (SIDE NOTE) It drops from the asylum guard at a rate of 0.005 (0.5% or 1/200)

  • @Claywhy use the dps calculator if you want to know more about stats

  • @Claywhy maybe lower the dmg (by nillys logic less dps more lewt so) anyway i like it +1

  • Banned

    sprite made me cringe

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The sprite is 16x16. Should be 8x8.

  • :ok_hand: :fire: dude that sprite is pure :fire: god tier spriter

  • @Claywhy Name needs better capitalization. I like the look of the wand's shot but not so much the wand, wand needs better shading and new tip..... Try to make a wand that is unique in its own way. Not just a reskin of a tiered wand. Stat bonuses and stat debuffs.... could use some work. At first sight it looks like a UH wand. Good luck with your item :D

  • The Love shack

    Sprite=Needs work

  • Donor

    "New wand!"
    Name: Staff of the asylum.

  • Donor

    Why would anyone forge a wand in a mental asylum? Make a better description, maybe about how the wand causes insanity to those it touches or something of the sort

  • Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Awful. The lowered fire rate is bad, but it's made even worse because of the -5 dex. That makes no fucking sense. Also, +3 def is pointless if you lose that many stats. Plus having that high damage and that high range for most classes, and having it go through obstacles is bullshit. I think the stats need a huge revamp.
    I really don't give a fuck about sprites, but this is just unoriginal and uninspired. It looks like utter shit, and like the stats, needs to be redone.
    Probably one of the worst suggestions STARTING OUT. I see potential in this, but right now it's garbage and needs to be redone entirely.

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    the sprite is too big. please stop making shitty sprites. please learn how to make good sprites before giving people cancer by posting them here.

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    The -10 hp and -10 mp seem useless. The def and dex are good there though, but i don't see a point why you would add and take away stats. Making it look complicated makes it look like shit if you don't know what you're doing. Keep it simple, people like it simple.

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    Name : Staff of the asylum.
    Description: This wand was forged in the deepest darkest place of the mental asylum...


    Did you even proof read it before you posted this?

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    @Claywhy There's a reason why this meme exists.

    Edit: Reasons why I don't like this wand

    1. It's basically a worse version of the phoenix wand. (Unless of course this wand pierces)
    2. Dear god no, the sprite! It burnssss. Just change the color of it.
      Overall, just don't think people would use this.

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    This isn't too bad of an idea, but I just think it won't work out. The Sprite.

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    @Claywhy Why the fuck you didn't tag me?

    1. Change title, its not a STAFF, its a WAND
    2. -5 dex and 75% rate of fire. Not good.
    3. Sprite is 9x9, please change this.
    4. The amount of Asylum Gaurds that are in an asylum make this too common. Id make it 1/500 or more.
      And last but not least.. 5. -10 hp and mp is COMPLETELY pointless. Having it there just makes it worse.

    Note: these are my suggestions and shouldnt be taken harshly.

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    @loudman42069 said in New wand! Please give it a fair opinion!:

    @Claywhy Why the fuck you didn't tag me?

    much sorry :/

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