Dagger of Unforeseeable Tragedy

  • Everything you need to know about the dagger:

    Name: Dagger of Unforeseeable Tragedy
    Description: 8 Owners 8 Dead This dagger seems to have a tint of red.
    Dropping Location: Queen of Hearts (Drop chance 1/1500) might change the dropping location
    Shots: 3
    Arc Gap: 5
    Damage: 68-73 (Average: 70.5 DPS 3772 on 0 DEF monster with 8/8 rogue
    Projectile Speed: 140
    Lifetime: 357 (Lifetime and speed based on Pfiffel)
    Range: 4.6
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 0
    Rate of Fire: 150%
    Newbie Stats (Based off of the base steel dagger)
    +50% Rate of Fire
    +30.5 Average Damage
    -1 Range
    Stat Bonuses: +3 VIT +25 HP +15 MP +5 DEF
    Fame Bonus 6%
    8x8 Sprites: 0_1467854444482_Dagger of Unforeseeable Tragedy.png 0_1467854465640_Sprite (Dagger).png
    Why is this item fair and balanced?
    This item has one of the biggest increases in ROF but counters this with and -1 Range. This Dagger is meant for rogues and assassins as for the +15 mp so you can go in and cloak and do damage or spam poison. This Dagger competes with top daggers such as the Bloodbath Dagger and Bent Dagger and has more dps then etherite. The Dagger would be useful for situations when there is a small chance of getting loot or for farming items and to fight some bosses .It is unique because of its 3 shots and great use in game meant for lower def bosses and tchests this item is great for getting loot.
    0_1467854562988_Sprite screen shot.PNG
    0_1467854596341_Sprite shot screen shot.PNG0_1467856781534_upload-87683212-f16a-469d-98fc-ee88e7d46c67

  • @Bwad which image is the dagger
    I think you made a error on the damage. 118-14?

  • The one on the top if it isnt obvious yes but thanks i did make an error in the damage i will fix that

  • @Dkjsahfhds I don't really like the dagger sprite it looks kinda random.

  • is it the sprites shot or the dagger itself

  • @Bwad The dagger itself. It doesn't look like a dagger very much. Try making the hilt smaller/more in the corner.

  • Ok love me some constructive criticm

  • @Bwad no problem. I hate it when people just say they hate something but don't give why.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    I agree with ^, otherwise good concept :)

  • Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    The -10 dex is really unnecessary. Just remove some of the fire rate %. Also, there are other low range, but high damage daggers in the game. Maybe the whole game-changing effect could be changed because that's why UT's exist.
    Not ugly, but anything from spectacular. I think the shape and concept of it is good. Ask others, I'm not the guy to go to for sprites.
    Neat concept, but has been done before and I think that the game changing effect should be different.

  • Thanks what would you guys rate it?

  • @JJordan How bout 3 shots but 50-55 damage 150% rof

  • 0_1467856270961_upload-3b073dce-6942-45e1-9b06-d5cd9a4a3618

  • Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    @Bwad Sounds great! Putting in Pfiffel, will edit when I'm done.
    EDIT: Holy shit this does a ton of damage! Nerf that to the ground!

  • almost same dps but like a dagger to use on lower def bosses and tchests might up the damage

  • Bumperino

  • Alright. Let's see how I like this weapon.

    Sprite: I'm not liking it. Feels really weird. I like the red, but handle is ugly.

    Stats: 70.5 dmg? Not too high, not too low with ROF increased. The stats it gives you are pretty good, 3 vit, 25 hp, 15 mp, 5 def. But I need 2 things changed 1. Give some negative offensive stats, so that it's not to OP. 2. But a DPS graph in there, so I can see how it compares to the top daggers.

    Drop Location + Rate: 1/1500 is really rare. I would bring to way lower. Drop location is fine, it would make me not hate queen quite as much.

    NOTE I will give for info when I see the DPS graph.

    Overall: Seems kind of OP, but really small drop rate. I would nerf it a bit and make it drop more commonly.

  • -5 attack ok?

  • 0_1467858033918_dps graph.PNG

  • 0_1467858480052_Capture.PNG

  • soooo..... its like an obsidian dagger but with 3 shots, a lower range, higher damage, and pretty good stat bonuses. seems like a cool idea. i think the sprite of the dagger (if its that 1st image, honestly i have no fuckin idea) needs a bit of work, for the obvious reason that it doesnt look like a dagger at all.. at least not to me, so take that how you want.

  • are you talking about the new sprite

  • Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Don't add negatives, just lower the damage.

  • @Bwad I can see a dagger in that.

  • Wiki Editor

    So... a bbath-looking + bbath shooting style dagger, kek.

    Both related to blood. Both relating to higher fire rate + multiple shots.


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