• if theres a wipe (or maybe just not) , i want some droprates to be lowerd.
    here are the items that i think deserve a lowerd droprate:

    infected armor 1:67 -> 1:200
    cap sword 1:200 -----> 1:500
    unholy spell 1:200 ----> 1:500
    unholy tome 1:100 -----> 1:200
    pixie sword 1:100 -----> 1:250
    oreo 1:250 ----------------> 1:1000
    all gship drops 1:200-> 1:250
    asylum cloak 1:67 -----> 1:200
    bbath 1:200 ---------------> 1:400/500
    OA key 1:200 -------------> 1:500/1000
    doku no ken 1:40 -------> 1:100 (egg)
    doku no ken 1:100 -----> 1:40 (boss)
    sanic head 1:10000 ---> 1:5000 (sanic head doesn't deserv to be as rare as boshy gun)

    so yea , thats my list.

    the thing is that the price is (because of the constant 160 players)
    so low that the market suffers from it (just my option)
    tell me what you think about it :P

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Icadragon no


    I also say no

  • Lolicons

    I'm going to speak about drop rates in general here, rather than specific items. What I think about this issue is that there's way too many custom items already in this game, and all of the prod items have buffed drop rates. I don't think the current state of the server and drop rates was meant to handle such a large population well. I believe that some of the more OP items should definitely get a nerf though. White bags are just so damn common.
    Here's what I mean:

    In this list I am only ignoring pure trash items like the Snake Eye ring and Poison Fang dagger, as well as the ultra rare BT items. The numbers on the left are from prod. The numbers on the right are from NR.
    2452 total UT/ST weapons.
    2144 total UT/ST abilities.
    1131 total UT/ST armors.
    933 total UT/ST rings.

    See what I mean, we have already more than doubled the amount of items from prod. There's this, buffed drop rates, and a large amount of players which are all contributing factors.

    Well, just my opinion. I know some of you guys just want to have fun with the current drop rates though.

  • update, added doku no ken (egg <--> boss) on the list

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    its a no from me :p

  • @Onionmilk with "no" you mean "nah , i don't care."
    cause just a no is no reason to hate it

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    No, I mean i like this server because its fun with high droprates so i say no...?

  • @Onionmilk the thing is that im not hyped to get a whitebag cause its worth like nothing


    The reason I said no is because cap sword and uh spell are already difficult enough to get as drops. However I do not mind the infected armor or asylum cloak drops because they are way too common

  • @marsgtband when i opened 20 shaitans , there were 12 cap sword drops
    and the rate is the same as skull ring (for example) or warhammer but its worth 10 times as much

    so it needs a nerf or lower droprate

    same with unholy spell


    Well in my experience I have done right at 150 shatains and got 2 cap swords that is my reason for keeping it the same

  • @marsgtband i was talking about "someone getting the capsword" not me getting it


    Ah ok well then I withdrawal my previous statement.

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    @marsgtband ive done like 40 and gotten 3 whites 2 of which were cap sword and one endless torment


    I have collected 31 war hammers from my roghly 150

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