Wipe Hype!!!

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    I've been playing for about a year now and I got extremely bored since I hit 100k fame and sold it all, stuff like that. I basically had everything and it was getting extremely boring. I've gotten 3 capswords and 1 crown throughout playing, have 6 8/8s, doing tombs, asylums, OAs are just pointless for me now soooo I am so fucking excited for this and if it happens I will go back to playing.

  • ikr I suicided a few times to make a ppe out of boredom super hype for the wipe

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    About dupe, rollback and all that... possible wipe so don't rwt

    while we consider a full wipe

    Consideration Will

    doesnt mean there will be a wipe

  • I've been playing Nilly's Realm for almost a year now and I've gotten bored with the game... At one point I suicided seven 8/8's one 7/8 and one 4/8 and gave away about 50k fame and about 25-30k in items because the game was boring. After that, I took a break from Nilly's Realm and now I am back. I got back on the server about 2-3 weeks ago and since then have been having a really fun time with the game... I got a Boshy gun about 10 days ago or so and I am trying to keep my head up through all of this duping crap realizing that I may lose it because other people decided to mess up the economy with duping. I am really hoping that there isn't a wipe, and not only because I have a Boshy gun. I have spent countless hours on this game to get to the point that I am at and I really want to spend countless more hours getting even better. I think that we should just try and patch every way to dupe that we find. Also, if there is a wipe... there will most likely be a new way to dupe soon enough that will mess up the economy again. And I really don't think that Nilly's Realm should be a server that ends up having to have monthly wipes because of all of the duping.

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    @Fraeky rip ur bgun tho
    i dont care if there is one or not tbh

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