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    Hello, I am new to the artist/creator scene, and was wondering if someone can help me with creating a sprite, It was going to be a sword with a shield built in, like combining a shield and a sword, you guys feel me? I have some stats lined up, in a way, still working on it, kinda like a def and hp sword, survivability, stuff like that. Obviously i would quote you, and be eternally grateful. Thanks for your time.
    As i would say, every shot you don't take is a miss, I cant make any decisions on your behalf, but it isn't good to give up

  • It would be hard to make that in 1 sprite if you're making it for Nilly's Realm. But if you mean just in general. I would suggest making a design on another shield that already exists, and change it around. Then add the sword. Draw a silhouette of a sword and then modify it. You could put it behind the shield a bit, but not too much. Try NOT to copy other swords that already exist. Same with the shield. After this, add color. Do not make it too random, as the colors then would not look the best. The sword goes the same way. After this, you make some finishing touches (ie. shading, a bit more color, more pixels added to the sprite), and you're done! Wish you the best of luck my friend.



    merry Christmas

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    Well, since you said you're new to the entire spriting scene/etc. I thought this may be helpful:

    Good luck, anyways.

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    thanks! guys, ill try it out.

    should i get a lock or just delete?

  • I would keep it up, as it might help others.

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