the neverending hive-story

  • i had enough problems with the last wasp hive
    then there were hornets
    and now theres another wasp hive at the same place

    i f*cking hate this bs

    why can't they just build it outside my house?!?

    what should i do now? D :<

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  • @Dimehead nice meme

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    They tend to build hives directly where previous ones where, because the previous one was likely set up in a good spot. A popular method to removing them is to use a hose, but from your text it looks like you can't do that. To kill singular wasps, use some type of window cleaner or strong air freshener to knock out wasps in the air. If you use a heavy spray, they can not fly and you can easily either kill your release them. To remove the hive, try calling an expert. They may not only help you remove the next, but also prevent future settlements. If it is a really small hive, consider quickly grabbing it with a wet shirt when they are innactive (in their nest) then quickly take and drop it outside, or shove it in deep water. I'd be extra careful if you do not know, or if you do have problems when it comes to bee, wasp, or hornet stings (such as allergic reactions).
    If you own a toy watergun DO NOT shoot the hive with it. You'll do nothing to it and agitate the wasps.

    I hope this advice helps you, as it has helped me with multiple hives and nests. Do these at your own risk.

  • Two shit post 2 citations, no temp ban?

  • @Pringle thx for that tho , and im not allergic , already got poisoned by a wasp and by a bee
    @obamabin so. every post on the forum i made is a shitpost? and the ones other ppl made are not?
    that logic!

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    Story time:
    My grandad was trimming the hedge when he cut into a wasps nest. Important to note, my grandad is highly allergic to wasp stings, and any more than 5 means he needs to go to hospital. Well, long story short, he was stung over 55 times, and went into a coma. But hes ok now so thats good.

    Cheery story :)

  • @Reshirammmn dude what kind of bullshit are you spitting?

    You posted 2 topics about some bullshit, diffrent than a reply.

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    @obamabin it is a weak shitpost, as he also wanted advice about the hive, but it should be in off topic - its half a shitpost

  • @LagoonZz he is asking about bees on a forum of a game, really?

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    @obamabin I've seen worse posts :3

    but yeah, its seriously off-topic

  • ica a good way to kill wasps is deodorant and a lighter set fire to those bitches


    Blow all your smoke on em get em high then kill em

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