• so many people have already quit nillys because of the 'wipe' announcement. can you please just wipe the server , so that i dont waste my time playing this game.

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  • We didn't need the quitters anyway.

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    You DO know that wiping the server has to be well thought out right? There were preexisting problems to begin with, so you can't just go about wiping the server just to have the same buggy server. Think thoughtfully before posting.

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    Okay, some peeps with fame over 50k (Boyka, stataka and others) can cry..
    They can say: I don't want to.
    They can..

    But what about problems?
    People with 100 fame, saying: "I will kill u nolly" are called narcissists.
    Do they care about game? No.. They care about their 100 fame..

    "Nolly, ur nub."
    Wtf.. Y r u playing "Nub's" game then. :D

  • well , the thing is that nilly is trying to avoid a wipe but still fix all problems
    everything that nilly said is that it is "possible" and "incase" of a wipe we whould lose fame
    that we bought with real world trading, so we should not do that.

    nilly is doing some changes to the source as far as i know.
    and we wont get an answer if wipe or not until the changes are done.

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    @Reshirammmn yeah that sounds like the reasonable thing for nilly to do its just that people are salty because many of them did things they regret and want everyone to be on the same page again.

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    You do know that every game you play is a waste of time, right? nilly will only wipe if he thinks it's the right thing to do, making pointless threads with caps lock on won't achieve anything.

  • @Wizardism said in CANT YOU JUST WIPE THE SERVER!:

    Unless you make money off the game :P

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    Damn, You really want a wipe? Then kill all you're characters with you're items. then remove all you're fame and thats it! A wipe for yourself

  • @BreadStick But when the legit wipe happens your pre-wipe wipe won't mean shit.

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    Sorry bud.
    but I think your a bit salty because you lost a lot of 7/8's and 8/8's AND GOT HACKED

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