How to Solve Alternative Account Scamming Issues

  • Alright, so many of you were against the idea of having an idea where people couldn't trade if their account age was lower then one month, so instead of factoring a lengthy account age in there are several other methods that I will describe that have both upsides and downsides towards the issue. So here is what I intentionally wanted from the post, rather then an idea being accepted or looked down upon, I wanted a discussion.

    Note: This is a list of various ideas I've come across to, and this discussion is solely based upon dealing with the alternative accounts scammers use to scam others with, so unless you have something to add or criticize legitimately within this post, your opinion won't matter.

    1 - Email Verification


    The first method would be to require email verification, which would then prevent scammers from using the same email address to scam. This would require scammers to create a completely other email address in order to log in.


    However due to how easy it is to create email addresses, it wouldn't prevent the scammers from logging in and scamming more players with a different email address. Also an email address requirement wouldn't be encouraging for new players to play since they would be required an email to play. So in conclusion, an email verification as an absolute waste of time, programming, and anything else required to implement or bypass it.

    2 - Preventing Trade For Certain Star Ranks


    Well, the only upside is that it'd be difficult to make a new account to trade with other players and that it'll take a really long time for any alternative account to be able to trade again.


    The game will basically suck and people who haven't reached the require star rank will be forced to use the market which will in turn make it difficult for a lot of players. It also will be noob unfriendly, player unfriendly, and will completely wipe the community as well as the scammers as a result of this being implemented. So this shouldn't be implemented as an idea...

    3 - Tracing Two Accounts With The Same IP


    This idea basically would be to see if two accounts with the same IP were to be created, and if so that would result in account termination. The idea wouldn't effect a vast majority of players (I believe) since you'd need two or more accounts with the same IP. This would be an effective way to remove scammers mainly, because they wouldn't be able to create alternative accounts anymore which ruins the whole purpose of scamming.


    The downsides would be that players with multiple accounts would also be threatened, and that players with brothers or sisters playing with them would also be threatened with account termination. It also would suck to program and implement this mainly, because you'd have to view every single character IP within the game which seems like a complete hell to program. Besides, the scammer could always change his/her IP or keep their IP hidden.

    4 - Account Age Trade Restriction


    Scammers need to wait for a limited amount of time or make a bunch of accounts.


    Trading would be completely noob unfriendly, and other methods could be used to scam from the noobs that don't know how to play. People wouldn't also enjoy the game or make profit from it within the time limit this is set, but depending on how long the time limit is it would either massively or not at all effect trading.

    5 - Fame Trade Restriction


    Scammers will have to obtain a certain amount of fame before engaging in trading, and depending on the amount of fame required to trade it would result in the length of time it'd take before scammers could scam again


    People will be forced to obtain a certain amount of fame before trading which is pretty noob unfriendly, but people who know how to play the game properly should be able to get through the restriction depending on the amount of fame needed. Sadly scammers could easily give fame from their main account to their alternative account and completely ruin this restriction, thus making it completely useless.

    6 - Not Being a Moron


    You don't get scammed, easy as that.


    Takes a bit more neurological power to be able to do this properly within some human beings, but is an effective method to ridding scammers.

    In Conclusion

    There isn't automated way you could get rid of alternative scamming accounts without getting some of the community mad since it's all based upon restrictions. So basically don't engage in real world trades unless you know what your actually doing. Also if you would like to add one method you think may or may not work, you could do so below.

    If your asking why I wasted time making this, it was all because I have nothing better to do waiting to get into Nilly's realm.

  • @Elevict no cause then a lot of new players would just quit.

  • Banned

    1 month? Damn dude, that's quite a long time.

  • this is a shit idea

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    dont think this would actually work

  • Wiki Editor

    bring back downvote ^^^^

  • @Elevict I have already done about 10 trades for paypal/prod items and I only just reached a month.
    Tbh I think I would have quit by now under this rule

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @BronzeV said in How to Solve Alternative Account Scamming Issues:

    bring back downvote ^^^^

    supporting that

  • Famous Forumers

    @loudman42069 you'd get down voted to shit
    So yeah I'm in favor as well

  • Infamous Forumers

    Damn, I'm young and not a scammer. Im still a newbie but not a scammer.

  • 27

    insert insanity wolf meme here

  • Lolicons

    Under a month sounds like a good thing to me, but there's still people like Barney who have a 3 month old account and still scams

  • @Claywhy its about like when he gets banned and then creates just a new account and still scamms

  • Lolicons

    @Reshirammmn ban his ip

  • @Claywhy you can easyly change the IP

  • Lolicons

    @Reshirammmn welp he can scam forever den

  • Nice to know there is a lot of hate in these forums, but in all honesty I can see why a month could be terrible for new players. I was implying if you could share YOUR ideas, but I guess I should've been clear on that point.

    Lesson Learned: Forum's is not the place for open discussion unless you wish to be considered stupid

  • @Elevict a month is pretty devastating for RWTraders aswell, the just started poor souls buy fame regularly.

    This would make a whole new scamming method possible. Since new players tend to believe people to easy you can scam a new player pretty easy for example when you are red star, you just tell him to drop items and you will give him your item. In the end the poor soul gets scammed.

    It would obviously scare away a lot of players for atleast a month.

    Don't think this would disolve scamming by alts tho, IP ban will.

  • @obamabin Only constructive criticism in the forum post...


  • @Elevict do you have any solution tho to the thing I brought up? :P

  • @obamabin I'll edit out the post referring to what you said and explaining everything this time. And also maybe reducing the time and or possibly adding email verification.

  • @obamabin Solution: Do not be a moron

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