booby scammed me?

  • So booby said he was selling his account for Nilly's Realm fame. So I said I have some fame and he said he'll give me his account and I gave him the fame and he gave me his account. Then it said that his account doesn't exist anymore then he changed the password. I told him that this happened (told him on Nilly's) and he said he'll try and fix it. He didn't. I asked from my fame back and he said "sure" annnddd he hasn't given it back.

    I saw booby on Project B and he claimed to be someone else, booby sold his Project B account AGAIN but this time it was legit. Anyway, it's been a day now and he still has not given me my fame back yet.

    I honestly don't know what to do right now. Any help would be appreciated :)

    • Quantum :)

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    @Priestq rip.

    Maybe post this in the official scammer thread?!

  • Hi there some easy stuff about RWT.

    • Scammers don't give fame back.
    • Where is your proof?
    • Does booby have a forum name?
    • Sorry for your loss, no reunds.'

    Hopefully I helped u ^OB

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    If you want him banned, I'm sorry you're going to need some proof.

    If you want a refund, I'm sorry but no refunds.

    If you want the account, you're going to have to work out something with 'booby'.

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