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    Oa is gone and stuff but i was wondering is nilly was gonna bring back the solo arena loot drop or not? just a question

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    TL;DR : Not likely.

    The problem with solo arena giving loot is that it completely destroys the rarity of multiple items.

    I'm going to quickly break down why. The whitebag, or more importantly the loot inside, is protected by not only a boss, the enemies, and the dungeon itself, but the way you must access the dungeon too. Solo Arena, and pretty much OA, make it so you only have to fight a single boss. No enemies, no dungeon, and no conflict accessing it.

    This means you can constantly have a chance at a whitebag from multiple bosses in a matter of minutes, where if you had to do the dungeon you'd possibly lose fame for buying the key (or time if you searched for an opening), then you'd clear the dungeon and the boss. This could take from 2-10 minutes for a single one. You could take down around 5 bosses in that time. That is not even mentioning how it ruins the point to do anything except solo arena. People would be less public and more inside the SA. It would pretty much be Project B at that point. I think how it currently works beats out the existance of the Solo Arena loot drop coming back.

    What good would come from it? Whites would be more common? That is a bad thing in my eyes.
    But this is why at least I think it will not come back. If you have differing opinions, please let me know and we can talk to our hearts content.

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