Baneful Spike Spell

  • Name: Baneful Spike Spell


    Description: An ingenious spell, created by the skeletal tinkerers, who were able to combine the devastating power of the ancient warlock spells and their trap technology, into a masterpiece of a weapon.
    Drops From: Lair burst trap and Lair blast traps at 1/800
    MP Cost: 145 MP
    Damage: 250-300 per projectile
    Projectile info-

    Projectile sprite: white bolt
    Ammount of projectiles:10
    speed: 0.5
    lifetime: 10000
    ampitude: 0.11
    frequency: 1
    arc gap: 135
    Shots are piercing (edit)
    Stat Bonuses: +4 spd
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Feed power: Doesn't matter, because no pets, but 550

    Why this item is unique: It is unlike all the other spells. The shot starts from the player and stays still, until an enemy runs into it or it just despawns.(the added amplitude and frequency make it move a little bit, which i thought was pretty nice.) Because the shot is stationary, there aren't as many situations where this ability could be used compared to the usual spell, similar to the Staff of Extreme Prejudice. You could drag godlands gods into it or cast it above a Sarcophagus. It really depends on the situation.

    Is it balanced? : I hope so. I made it give +4 speed, so that it would give a little bit better maneuverability while using this spell and also increased the mana usage so that it wouldn't be spammable.

    Probably won't be implemented into the game, but i just wanted to share the idea i had.

    Just realized that this post is very long :D

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    This is how it looks like..
    You've made stats of your sprite, not actual spell..

  • Lolicons

    @Jahmackat first put some effort in the shading, you didn't even shade m8 2nd What the fuck is the shots? And lifetime uh 10k?

  • @Claywhy said in Baneful Spike Spell:

    @Jahmackat first put some effort in the shading, you didn't even shade m8 2nd What the fuck is the shots? And lifetime uh 10k?

    1st, i didn't really care about what the spell would look like, i am not an artist. Almost none of the spells for wizard are shaded so stfu. 2nd, the shot was supposed to look like a spike ball. Regarding the lifetime that is perfectly normal, have you seen the huntresses ability's duration? It is like 15k or even 20k so my chosen lifetime is pretty reasonable.

  • Thanks for all the negative feedback, I really appreciate it -_-. all you look at is the artwork and the shots. "look at how stupid it looks, that is such a dumb sprite, no shading". Try also looking at the stats, the things that make this ability special and unique. probably should have added some boobs in there for a better response.
    I also made a brighter version of the spell and shot.

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    I thought it was cool.

    Kind of like a huntress trap thats more precise.

  • Wiki Editor

    There was already a suggestion for this a long time ago.
    I like the idea of a sitting spell but the amount of... oh wait, there's no piercing. So it's basically shadyman's revision of the UH spell but sits there more. kk.
    Sprite's up to you, I don't give a fuck.

  • @Creeper if piercing is what it needs, then piercing is what it will get.

  • If it were a trap then the sprite could be this-
    but the stats would need some reorganizing.

  • Lolicons

    Eh still looks :/

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    So i was thinking about that spell in bed and.. With piercing, it's a REALLY cool idea..
    Just bomb an enemy, and you will hit him with all projectiles..
    Which is cool.
    And now - MP cost - 385 :D
    Demage - 500 - 700 per projectile (5k -7k)
    Ez, this is how you make instakilling trap. >:D
    (It's a jk)

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    @Jack-the-Ripper said in Baneful Spike Spell:

    So i was thinking about that spell in bed

  • the only reason i made the sprites like that is because i tried to match it up with the place and enemy that it drops from.

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