Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.I ⌠The Midlands⌡

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    Chapter I: The Midlands

    Characters: Nilly, Alice, Cultist, Pringle and ???
    First person perspective: Pringle

    So I was on Nilly's Realm earlier, playing the class we all know and love: Trickster. I'm not so familiar with the right times to use the prism, other than when shit gets real, so I began experimenting a little. I had put on my imaginary sunglasses and sipped my trusty mountain dew as I ventured off into the realm not knowing the fate of my trickster and his reliable t0 prism. I had stumbled across some friends, one of them who was Nilly himself. He decided to tag along as the donation system was aggressive.

    Nilly, Alice, Tur-Cultist and I all fought past the werelions and dwarf kings with little struggle. Cultist decided it was important to nexus, so we decided to make camp waiting for him to teleport back. Nilly decided he wanted to cook up some food for the gang, so he took some horned drake steak and put it on the fire. After about 15 minutes, it was ready to eat. Alice and Nilly both dug into the juicy tender steak and clearly enjoyed it. I didn't want to eat it until cultist got back, but he was taking a long time.

    I insisted on eating speed weed with a cup of mana potion. It wasn't the most filling thing in the world, but it did the job. The moon shined of my prism and I could see it shine off something else too. Time wasn't passing, and our crew were quick to find out why. Off in the distance rushing at us was a clockwork golem. Before we could react, a strange sphere shot past us, and we hid behind a few trees. We didn't know why it was after us, but we knew we had to act fast. Multiple shots came back on the other side of the tree and we rolled out of the way. Suddenly a flash of light stunned us.

    We opened our eyes to see cultist had appeared. With his help, we managed to destroy the satellite and its caster. Cultists stomach grumbled and he clearly hadn't had a bite in hours. I pulled out the two steaks we had saved, but he didn't want to eat it as it was too cold. Me and alice decided that a fire sprite would do the trick, seeing as they cooked the grass they passed over. Alice took his trap and cast it on the ground, timed just right with the highly expected lagspike, and cooked both of our steaks. After 'putting out the fire', me and alice returned just to find the ice and magic sprites attacking cultist.

    You would think nilly would be there to help us out, but he nexused to vault speed weeds. After a few minutes of dodging and screaming, cultist managed to equip his staff and shoot one of them in the face. The only issue was he was already dead, and had been so for three minutes. Nilly came back with his ring vaulted because he was too scared that he might die and lose it, in which we reminded him that this was a NPE experience. He sighed and left again back to his vault.

    The sun slowly rose over the realm as we realized that we traveled off the brick road. Once nilly made it back, he was already hungry again. Cultist quickly made him a knuckle sandwich and told him to wait. Suddenly time had stopped. Swarms of flies simply stood still and a figure approached us with strange weapons we hadn't seen before. He shot in a direction off to the highlands, giving us much needed guidance. He then muted cultist for screaming thinking we were hackers. Alice stood strong and prompty middle fingered the strange visitor, and with that kind message he had left.

    We darted off into the direction we were told, as we knew no other path. Putting our trust into a time-lord stranger wasn't a part of our plan, but at least we didn't have to listen to cultist brag about his new t5 staff. It seemed things were looking up for us, but the mystery that surrounded the path we took kept us worried. Nilly said that we should be grateful for the gift that he had given us, but after a few hours I began to doubt this was a gift at all. The hue of the ground gradually changed, and the air felt uneasy. Something was clearly wrong.

    Want to join the adventure? Leave a comment down below with your class and personality. Who knows, you just might find us!

    If you want to see more, click here to see chapter 2!


  • that trix. lmao.

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    @BLOODQWEN 30 minutes of my life.

    oh well. c;

  • 27

    The hell is that.. It's long.. So long.. Hory shet long..
    I hope, that this thing is a gud story ;-;

    This is just amazing.


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    @Jack-the-Ripper Glad you liked it. ;P

  • love the story.

    if i was in the story ill probably give you guys some free stuff but then youl say your doing an npe and then ill say oh sorry and leave (then get killed by an undead dwarf mage)

  • Banned

    Oh, this reminds me of the Rotmg Novel that Chrono made a while back. You can find it here :P

    I'd love to join the journey. My personality would be a careful, yet fearless fighter. If I were to choose a class it would probs be rogue.

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    @DrVoorhees2.0 Great class bruh.

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    @thedanksec Which class would you want to be?

    @DrVoorhees2-0 I hope you bump into us. xD

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    @DrVoorhees2.0 I've read those stories lol. Pretty good. ;P

    I wish I could join but... I'm a ninja, anti-social and an outcast. :c May not be able to make the journey cuz it ain't no teamwork :c

  • @Pringle Sorcerer

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    @Creeper Who knows. We just may find you.

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    @Pringle Oooooh.... story's gonna get pretty hot.... c;

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    @Creeper I just realized that there's a full trilogy :0

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    That... That was surprisingly pleasant to read.

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    eh id be trickster but thats already here :L

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    @Driifty it takes two to tango

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    @Pringle this is fucking wonderful please make a chapter 2 and let me be in it. my name is MateUWant and my personality is shitty, nooby, and racist. i would be a priest because im cocky af

  • A beacon of hope glowed in the twilight filled darkness. A strange glint about the beacon attract all the liches toward it. Strangely enough, I(Pringle) was also curious of this strange sight in the distance. We left Nilly to guard the brick-torn Lich camp we had raided earlier. After a few days of trekking along the trail, we got to this strange tower. In the bright light the day had to offer us, our eyes all were blinded by this monstrosity of a tower. After a few moments, Alice opened her eyes to only regret doing so. Alice had seen an eye that threw white shards at her. The group became aware of their perilous situation. Our group took cover against a dark rock aged by mold, slime and the elements. In the creepiness, I suddenly realized the creepy situation. "Run! It's a Pentatract!(I being Pringle) I yelled at my teammates. I ran only to slip on the Rock and fall onto a patch of decaying grass.

    I just made my own lore with a lot of mistakes(holes)
    My char is a priest who has no idea of responsibility , reckless, and stupid
    Story sucks , rough draft

  • @TehNoobSZ alice is a guy

  • Noice storry bby. Im more of a lone person. A little quiet until someone gets to really know me. (Pringle i swear someone said we were related..Ill have to find it.. it was great.)

  • Ugh for a second I thought u were Pringle
    I need to Git Gud

  • uck the hackers

    sick, im surprised i read all that tbh
    if i were to join the journey my personality would be' badass' hhehehe

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    Nice story! Deserves a +1

    My personality would be the worried yet risky.


  • @Pringle
    Chapter 2 Godlands ' Anewed Revenge' New character'
    Do some story along dat please

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