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    Once again, since i see pringle made a story, it reminded me of the other story i made. :3
    just decided to make another dungeon fic for the dungeon "we" are working on.


    Part I: Clouded Kingdom

    You woke up in a warm fluffy, spot. But as you stood up, you seem to notice it was more than just a dream. They could have been a million feet high.. Yet you are brave, so you continue. As you continue, you run into animals in the sky, birds, butterflies, and bees. As you kill them cruelly, you walk on towards a large castle. You fear to walk in, yet the door of all luck, was just a tad bit open. So you decide. You walk towards the door opening, and you pull the door fully open. The door creaks. It's extremely dark as you walk in, but the lights suddenly turned on at the thought of it. Even though you knew this place looked abandoned, you wouldn't believe it. You wander to find more rooms, containing strange, well ordered statues. But you simply ignored them and traveled more treacherously through this abandoned castle. You see bright lights, as you walk closer. You find a nice, pretty garden! But as you decide to walk in, you noticed a large, tyrant like beast, sleeping at the doorway. You thought stupidly, and just walked by it. But right as you passed, you knew you messed up hard. The tyrant roared. It's eyes stared at you, watching you're every move. Right before you attacked it though, it attacked you first. It's first attack could have been strong enough to wipe out a group of soldiers, but you were speedy, as you dodged precisely. The battle roared on easily, as you blasted powerful spells in it's path, attacking it. Finally, the Tyrant made it's final roar, and collapsed through the clouds, falling into unknown.

    You were worried, as you heard a booming voice echo, "Who is HERE!" and, "Who has slain MY Tyrant!". You immediately reacted, by hiding behind conveniently placed trees. You see a strange woman, but she had wings. Her wings were bright, and amazing, but her expression sure wasn't. She was angry, upset. She had shed a tear before dashing off, down the long hall. You were sad, and ashamed of killing it. But you did what you must. You heard a door open in the distance though, and ran to it. It was Feyra's room. You wonder who she is, and you realize it was that woman with wings. She must have been an angel of some sort. You enter, but she knew you were already there. The door slammed behind you, and you felt a slice from behind you're back. You started bleeding. But angered, you spotted her, flying in the air, and focused on her wings, you blasted your unholy spell at her wings, smashing them, and healing your wounds. She fell, mad, and blasted sky waves at you. You easily dodged them, but then she sent an ocean of cloud minions, charging at you. You had to run, but just before you were cornered, someone blasted from the roof. It was your friend! He had been a great help in many battles, and this was the perfect timing. She responded, "Ha, fools, i have friends too." The walls smashed, and 5 tyrants flew in, ready to attack.

    Part II: A Mysterious End

    You knew that this would be the end. The end of the protecting, the end of your life. But you had your friend, by your side. He was ready, as they ran at the tyrants. The tyrants were quite challenging, and almost impossible to stop. Yet you had easily finished off 3. It was as if these tyrants were weaker versions, like clones. Once you killed all of them, you knew you were going to win, but then you knew something was wrong. As you looked down, you realize. There was no cloud holding you. Right when you thought that, both you and your friend fell, and the last thing you heard was laughing, "Ahhaahh AHHHAAAHH...." It echoed in your ears, as you fell. You fainted. Later, you suddenly wake up in a small river, noticing how your friend had gone missing. You went to look for him, but all you found was his headband. What had happened to him you thought! But as you turned the corner, your fears had turned to you. Your friend's grave had been dug. His death was unknown. You remember all the times you had fun together... The time they murdered the muffin, the time they went running through the asylum... The time when they became friends... It was all crushed. You knew what you had to do. Ferious, you found an angel in the forest, grabbed it, and forced it to fly up, or you will kill it slowly and painfully. It obeyed easily, and flew to the castle.

    You finally arrived at the party. Ready to kill the owner of this horrid place. You come to her room, and apparently she was expecting you. She said how she was waiting for your friend to die. She was happy, proud of her work. And lastly she said, "Now that your friend is gone, I shall kill you simply, slowly, and painfully." She threatened you. But you ignored it all, and while she was talking, you attacked. You knew she was not prepared, and you were cruel. You aimed at her wings, and blasted them. She screamed in horror, and you knew the only way to kill her was using the last resort. The spell that you found in a strange dungeon. You had only used it a few times, because it was so complicated. The trickster master's spell. Old, and ancient, you aimed it on her, and blasted. It was magnificent, the blades flying at her. She yelled, and her last words were, "I.. Knew you would do this.. I will get my... Reve- and she faded away. She had faded it to a bright bag. White, and laced with a shiny blue ribbon. You open it up to find a wand, and a robe. You knew this would have use one day, so you decide to keep it. The floor began to rumble. And it started fading away. You instantly panic, and run. It was falling behind you. You had made it to a dead end, and you fell. But for some reason, you were gliding down, because of the robe you had put on. As you made it to the floor, you looked in your pocket for the rock. It was there. You hold tight, and whisper Nexus.

    The epilogue will be added soon, so hold on tight!

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  • @Jmn :P <3 nah its pretty good read i enjoyed it xD

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    @ergona2.0 yay :)

    Tbh I enjoy this. Had an old one, but I gave up on that dungeon. If anybody would like, I COULD add it on. Because I might still have it?

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    Updated to contain part 2

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    @ergona2-0 i know you liked it, so I might as well tag you for the part 2.

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