Dungeon Idea: The Corrupted Isles

  • -Everything is a work in progress, but I might aswell explain my idea here
    (Everything here has no correlation with the Black Market, or the Omega Boshy ideas, which are still in the work and will be released soon .. hopefully)

    • Lore
      Long ago even before the reign of the mad god, during the rule of king septavius there were three uncharted archipelagos that were scattered across the vast sea of the realm. Long, forogtten legends telling of a story of love, betrayal and madness have been passed down from generation from generation of those who lived in the realm. The story speaks of a lone mage, who had a deep affinity for shadow magic. He practiced on what seemed to be everything, even his own wife, eventually putting once forbidden spells into use. One fateful night, he convinced his lover to help him in the casting of a spell, once known as "Blessing of the Moon". This spell was a double edged sword to anyone who casted it, for if you made one mistake you could have catastrophic effects on your body and mind, aswell as those around you. However, if you were sucessful you would gain immense power, and be able to summon ethereal entities from outside of this world. Such power could even rival king septavius and his legions of followers, and for this reason along with many others this spell was locked deep away in the archives of king septavius, and only the few who had read it before knew of what exactly to do.
      And so, the magus enacted the spell.
      And paid the price for it
      His wife was transformed into a horrible eldritch beast that shocked the mans mind forever, and the entire islands and the sea forever.
      However, this is all just a tale. Or so you choose to believe

    You choose to visit the island just to make sure that nothing is truely there, after all it's all just a lie to scare kids right? sailing on a boat that has way too many loose boards and a hideous amount of infestations on it. You immediately regret setting sail as soon as your ship crashes on an unknown object, and your knocked out.
    You've crashed and the ship seems to have fallen under seige to the spiders, it's up to you to figure out what's happening on this island and wether or not fiction is truely reality

    This is a shattersesque, multi stage dungeon with 3 completely different and rich enviroments to explore, each area has it's own monsters and bosses. There are 3 mini bosses, and 1 boss per area (Not including secrets). It will be truely a challenge, and is recommended to do this with a party of 5 or more.

    -Zultath, Isle of dreams-
    Zultath contains
    Da Ship 100% Done!
    Medows of the fallen
    Canopy of false happiness
    Dream bridge, which leads to Bludrath

    -Bludrath, home of the deceased-
    Bludrath contains
    Necromantic graveyard
    *Decrepit dungeon
    Seawater shrine
    Portal to Xomath, City of death

    Xomath contains
    Capital of hell
    Ruined City
    Seawater Temple
    Trench of the Illusion of Control

    Eldritch Grounds
    Seawater City Portal

    (Progress percent is updated from what I get done, this is only a side project so don't expect this to be done in a month or... Or never :^) @MrSott)


    Currently, there are no enemies but your free to suggest some in the comments below
    Bosses are also an issue, but I have them covered
    Stay tuned for updates - Turtlebat.

    We now have a discord! , join below to talk about and or help with this dungeon.

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    Do you mean sequel? Or.. wut?


    Also 9minibosses and 3 bosses? 0_1468498009275_upload-3ee9ea3f-d1b9-44b0-bf5b-e38a48a4196b

  • @Jack-the-Ripper said in Dungeon Idea: The Corrupted Isles:


    Do you mean sequel? Or.. wut?


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    But wrong section.

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    @Food I dont really know what else it'd go under, I mean ideas section is for fully thought out ideas, this is a wip and nothing else really fits, and this dungeon is still needing discussion for it (with textures, lore, etc.) so I think its appropriate...

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    @Cultist I really want ti see the bosses and other things when it gets released

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    @Noah_ you could do more than see, you could help make them a reality, discord link at bottom of the post ;)

    (Now was that some smooth af advertising or what)

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    @Mysterious Oh yeah.

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    Fair enough.
    Usually these type of posts come under Design and Ideas Section.
    Discusssions are there too.

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