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    As Per Reddit:
    Hey all,
    We are sure that you all enjoyed the long server outage as little as we did, however, behind the scenes we were working on a way to remove exploited items and exploiting accounts from the game.
    The good news is that we moved ahead on banning thousands of accounts and thus removing a large amount of exploited items from the game economy. The bad news is that there will probably be some false positives or edge cases that we will be working on identifying over the next days.
    The thing is this - if you were banned, it is very likely that your account has been associated with a 3rd party reseller, an exploit user or items created via an exploit (both present and past). As we stated in our AMA, we will be taking a tough stance on these matters. Regardless, if anybody feels they were banned unrightfully so, please contact us directly via our knowledgebase article using the subject: “Request for banned account review”. Note that, if you wrote a ticket to Kabam already, they will be referring you to that same link as well.
    Rest assured, if you are a legit player that did not take advantage of exploits or third party sales, you will be unbanned.
    Thor out
    Other thing:
    Dear players,
    Today we wanted to give you an update and lay out our timeline for the official transition of Realm to Deca Games that we have now set to Tuesday the 19th of July. We will be referring to this as our “Re-Launch” in the future.
    We are pushing out the planned release, since we weren’t able to finish all the work on time due to the delay the recent exploit issue was causing us. Thus we decided, we want to rather do it right instead of just going fast.
    As you have probably realized, we are already allowed to do a lot with the game and we will continue to do so until the official Re-Launch on the 19th of July. Since we came prepared, we thought it would be nice to tease a mystery calendar outlining our event plans. Check it out below and don’t forget that it is still subject to change :) Most of the events will last more than a day, but it looked kind of cluttered having the duration in there as well. We will be starting a bit lighter and with longer lasting events and ramp up as the month goes on.
    Looking forward to seeing you there!
    The Roman numerals represent the number of an event.
    Game Event II is the second event of the type "Game Event"

    U DUPE = U BAN
    JULY 19 = $

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  • @Saddoge-New so what does this mean?`i did not quite get it

  • Nothing happened to my accounts which d00ped some gud stuff!



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    added tldr

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