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    aren't half of these already added?

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    Going to review this slide, by slide.

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    Would be nice, however the issue is that unique names would be hard to find, and fake account names would pretty much run rampant.

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    Already has been announced

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    Why not? A reskin is a good start to making it into the big time in spriting.

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    Ahahahahaha, you want to remove banning? How incompetent are you? Hackers, scammers and dupers would roam free!

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    The economy has been a key issue in NR for a while. 2 months ago, DEF was about 40 fame per pot. Now? It's about half that. The oa is a key reason why the economy is fucked up. Other than th dupers ofc

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    A second server is on the way. A queue will always be present, the only thing we can do is trim it.

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    these shitposts .-.

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